Indispensable in Asian decoration

10 objets incontournables dans une décoration asiatique

In her pure style Asian decoration More and more popular In order to be successful, the decoration must include some necessary objects that will bring the required exotic flavor. It is difficult to choose from all the proposed provisions. Ten indispensable items in Asian decoration.

Asian decoration

Asian decoration

There are several different ways to organize his interior Give an Asian keyPage: 1 These may be small things that are well constructed to give the room or house the accent needed for an oriental style. Objects of worship are often used, as are foreign objects.

This kind of decoration mainly comes from the cultural relics of Southeast Asian countries such as China, Japan and Thailand. Tibet's influence is also frequent. Decoration can come from furniture, as well as from the color of the walls and decorations traditionally prevalent in Asia. Learn from professional translators, companies, web pages and freely accessible translation databases. Vases, paintings and statue, for example.

Asian decoration is becoming more and more popular. When the decoration is arranged properly, it brings great peace and spiritual peace. It is usually based on lucidity, light and comfort. It also often uses the basic principles of Feng Shui.

In fact, most Asian decorative elements are related to Feng Shui, which is an ancient Chinese art. In its main principles, it is used to guide and coordinate environmental energy. It is based not only on the principle of yin and Yang, but also on the theory of five elements: air, water, land, wood and fire. Furniture and decoration are set according to these principles. Doors and windows are also set to promote energy cycling.

Statue of Guan Yu Warrior

Rice Asian statues It is an indispensable part of decoration. They don't need large sizes. Among the most common statues, you can find the statue of the warrior Guan Yu. Guan Yu was a Chinese general born in 160 He is regarded as invincible and is still a reference point in Chinese tradition. After his death, he was blessed by God and even regarded as the God of war.

Yes Statue of Guan Yu Warrior All sizes A statue of Guan Yu, according to the principle of fengshui, brings peace and harmony. Statues are also related to prosperity. This soldier protects the family as well as the family business It also protects the poor and negative energy.

The statue of Guan Yu warrior is placed next to the gate, which is the place where the warrior can best protect the house. It can also be installed in the back of a room, where it can look after tenants. It is suggested to choose a wood carving originated in China. Statues can also be made of metal, such as copper from China.

Buddha statue

there Buddha statue Of course, this is an integral part of Asian decoration. Buddha is representative in all aspects. This statue often appears in the form of Amitabha, a Buddha full of love, which helps people find enlightenment and enrichment. Under his wings, everyone feels welcome and protected. Just look at his statue and you can soothe his heart.

The statue of Lille Buddha is also very popular. It brings opportunity, happiness and prosperity to families. In Asia, this phenomenon often occurs in temples, houses and enterprises. LIFO is regarded as the successor of the present Buddha, namely takada.

Statue of the God of wealth

there Statue of the God of wealth It is also very popular because the character's character is impressive and is an interesting decoration that comforts and attracts family or business wealth. On the occasion of the Chinese new year, God is called Cai Shen. He is also in Fengshui He was asked to bring wealth and prosperity.

The God of wealth can turn stone and iron into gold He was highly praised by Chinese businessmen, who made him a character they loved. The students also appealed to God Cai Shen to pass the exam. The statue must be installed in a famous place to remind people that wealth is in hand. Statues are usually made of ebony or padoc wood.

Buddhist monk statue

There are many varieties Buddhist monk statue All sizes, but usually statues. You can choose a statue that reflects your personality. These statues are suitable for both Asian decoration and Zen or Feng Shui decoration. Most of them are made by hand. The main themes of these meetings were Zen, relaxation, domestic peace and the dream of building.

Buddhist monks are usually made of clay. And ceramic statues.


Asian decoration

Rice board The coat is engraved on it as an Asian traditional decoration and prayer support. The most common problems mantraPage: 1 This mantra will summarize the thoughts of Buddha alone. The tablet has four sides, and the characters are written in different Chinese characters. It's made of sandalwood They cleaned it with a dry cloth

Prayer mill

this Prayer millIt's a kind of worship, and it's also a kind of decoration. This is a cylinder called the mill, which is filled with mantras. It revolves around an axis on which mantra is wound. Every mill is mantra's recitation. He turned in the direction of his watch needle. this Typical prayer mill It is made of copper and metal alloys from Tibet.

Buddhist painting

Rice Buddhist paintingfield ThangkasBox, add a basic key for Asian decoration. They are an important part of Tibetan culture. Thangkas is a canvas painting, mainly representing the Buddhist God. It could also be Mandela or a religious scene. Now considered decorative, thangkas once accompanied monks to teach.

Buddhist painting is now mainly in Chinese painting.

Seize the dream

Seize the dream World famous, for Asia's decoration added an exotic style of color. He lies in bed, not only decorative, but also provides a sleep without nightmares. All the dreams from the soul world pass through him Beautiful dreams pass through its hole, but nightmares are prevented. The stars detain them, and at sunrise they are destroyed.

Dream catchers are usually made of leather and feathers. It can also be made of wool and fabric. Sometimes it glows

Geomantic compass

there Geomantic compass is well known in the Asian tradition as it is an indispensable tool for this philosophy. It is a compass made of several rings. Each ring corresponds to a particular indication. They say this compass that it contains all the secrets of the universe. It is possible to find a compass that has received the blessing of a monk. Its spiritual value is enhanced.

The Feng Shui compass used as decoration is equipped with a level on its case. Like an ordinary compass, it points north and allows the location of the cardinal points. Its concentric circles make it possible to make the necessary calculations in order to create harmony. Mastering these calculations helps to create an atmosphere of well-being in the home. Its pleasant appearance also makes it an essential decorative element to create an atmosphere reminiscent of Asia.

Feng Shui masters use this type of compass to properly orient the furniture of a house. It is also used to orient the rooms and to determine the energies that circulate inside.

The teacup

The teacup Chinese is essential to decorate Asian style cuisine. The best cups are the ones that are made in partition and come from Beijing. The method of partitioning is a traditional technique for making enamel objects. This method is widespread in China.

A typical teacup is made of copper. Copper strips are welded or glued to it. These strips delineate patterns. These patterns are partitions that are then filled with coloured enamel. A syringe is used to fill the enamel partitions. Once the partitions are filled, the cup is cooked and sanded.

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