7 tips for an unusual Chinese decoration

7 astuces pour une décoration chinoise hors du commun

The chinese decoration is increasingly adopted in the West. Its style, which is both refined and exotic, encourages many people to decorate their interior in the Chinese style. There is a wide selection of items and furniture to match this style of decor. Here is 7 tips for an unusual Chinese decoration.

Asian decoration

Chinese decoration

Chinese decoration always brings calm and serenity to the home. It allows for a more sober environment and less crowded. This thousand-year-old style of decoration combines furniture and simple objects with great artisanal elegance. Despite this apparent simplicity, the layout should be given serious thought. Chinese decoration leaves nothing to chance.

Chinese interior decoration is often based on imaginative designs, which is not so easy to arrange. The Chinese atmosphere is reflected in the colors and textiles used. There are also many decorative motifs on furniture or on wooden, metal or porcelain objects. Decorative objects bring a lot of color to the minimalist decor. The way the furniture is arranged is also very important.

Feng shui

It is recommended to draw inspiration from Feng shui to furnish your interior in the Chinese way. Feng shuiis an ancient Chinese art that allows you to harmonize your environment by carefully choosing the location of furniture and decoration. In addition to creating a pleasant atmosphere, it allows energy to flow as well as possible.

Feng Shui is based on Yin and Yang, as well as on the theory of the 5 elements: air, water, fire, wood and earth. The furniture, windows and doors are oriented to bring the best energy to the home. The layout makes life more pleasant for body and mind. If necessary, it is possible to call on a master in Feng Shui who will be able to give you the appropriate advice from the objects and furniture you own.

Among the important rules to follow in Feng Shui, it should be noted that the rooms should not be too crowded. Everything must lead to apparent simplicity. At the same time, it is a way of eliminating old memories and superfluous elements that clutter the mind. Broken or non-functional furniture is an obstacle to the flow of positive energy. Before starting the Chinese decoration, repairs must therefore be carried out.

Once the doors, stairs and windows are cleaned and repaired, the different areas must be clearly separated. The spaces for rest, work and life must not interfere with each other. Furniture should be positioned so that it allows you to move around freely and comfortably. As much energy as people need to be able to move without hindrance to promote general well-being. When it's time to decorate, spot what's in the way.

Peaceful rest areas

Chinese decoration is above all in curves and curves. It is therefore important toavoid too sharp angles. Accessories and furniture should follow this principle. Corners and right angles should especially not point to the seating areas. They emit negative energy according to Chinese tradition. The bedroom should be decorated in a minimalist way.

It is recommended to match Chinese patterns on furniture and fabrics in seating areas. However, the principles of sobriety must be respected.

Mirrors placed judiciously

Mirrors represent an important part of Chinese tradition. They are a positive energy factor and would even double their power. The mirror should therefore not be placed in front of the front door so as not to push positive energy towards the outside of the house. Because of the energy mirrors generate, they shouldn't be placed in the bedroom either. They may interfere with sleep.


Fresh flowers without thorns are known to emit positive energy. It is therefore advisable to use them for Chinese decoration provided they do not clutter the rooms. Plants also have their place for the energy and life they provide. Fruit placed in a bowl also has a positive effect while pairing perfectly with the decoration. The lemon symbolizes luck and the apple is linked to love.

The red flowers stand out very well in the Chinese-inspired décor where the elements are generally sober and neutral.



Traditional Chinese furniture, often made of wood, is mostly covered with a red lacquer, a color very common in Chinese decoration. This color is associated with happiness and luck. In fact, red and black are the most typical colors of this style of decoration. These two colors combined are a sign of hospitality in China.

The reputation for sobriety of Chinese decoration suggests that bright colors are absent. However, red plays a very important role. It stands out very well in this peaceful and neutral setting. Black, meanwhile, is also an integral part of this style of decoration. It should not be too conspicuous but placed subtly.

Other colors are relatively important in Chinese culture. For example, green represents nature and hope while yellow is linked to success and ambition.

Statues and figurines

Statues and chinese sculptures are essential to give your decoration the ambience you are looking for. Many characters and heroes who marked Chinese culture were celebrated and many symbols are attached to them.

One of the main figures in Chinese history is the warrior Guan Yu, whose statue is present in several houses. This type of statue is available in various sizes and often as a figurine. Born in 160 AD, the warrior Guan Yu was a Chinese general who was said to be invincible. After his death, he was elevated to the rank of god of war. He is still the subject of worship.

Guan Yu

The statue of warrior Guan Yu bring it peace and harmonyin the House. It also gives prosperity. He is considered a protector, both for the family and for businesses. It is also said that he stands up for the poor. The presence of the statue at home helps repel negative energies.

The warrior statue should be placed near the front door, where he can watch over the family. Sometimes it is placed in the back of a room to watch over its occupants. It is easy to find a statue of the warrior made of wood from China, a guarantee of its authenticity. It can also be made of metal, preferably copper from China.


The buddha statue is another must in Chinese decoration. It was in China that the first representations of the Buddha statue were created. It is represented in various aspects and linked to various intentions. Statues often represent Amitabha, the Buddha of complete love. This Buddha loves to find enlightenment as well as enrichment. It protects all beings and helps them to feel accepted by their community.

Another very popular depiction of the Buddha is the statue of the laughing buddha. It is also credited with many virtues. This statue brings good luck and fortune to the house. The laughing Buddha is found all over Asia, in homes and temples. He is considered the future successor of Gautama, the current Buddha.

On Buddha statues, practitioners of meditation often store their mala, which is a necklace or bracelet that helps count mantras. The aesthetic aspect of the mala also contributes to the decoration and gives it an exotic touch.

Among the most typical statues in Chinese decoration, we must also mention that of the god of fortune. Appointed Caishen, it is invoked on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. This decoration has the reputation of attracting wealth in the house where it is installed. In Feng Shui, it is also considered to bring prosperity. Among his powers, he would have the ability to turn stone into gold.

The god of fortune is often present in the residences of businessmen and in companies. Caishen is also solicited by students who ask him to promote their success. In order for fortune to fall on the house, the statue must be placed in a prominent place. The statue of the god of fortune is often made of sandalwood or padauk wood.

The Feng Shui compass

The feng shui compasscomplements the whole Chinese decoration very well. It is made of several rings which correspond to a particular indication. Feng Shui masters use it for good guide the development rooms in a house.

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