The Benefits of Tiger's Eye Stone

Les Bénéfices de la Pierre Oeil de Tigre

A Little History

In Mésopotamie

    We know that the Eye of Tiger stone was already known and nicknamed: Oculus Belus (eye of Belus), referring to the greatest Babylonian god Bellus-Marduk.

    The Romans

      Under the Roman Empire, the legionnaires discovered the tiger eye in the mines of Cornwall in England. The soldiers decided, at that time, to wear them in amulet to protect themselves from wounds and swords during battles.

      Later in the Middle Ages

      The Tiger's Eye is used for to repel spells and evil spirits.

      At the beginning of the 19th century

      The Tiger Eye Stone is found in South Africa. Initially, it is considered a precious stone and is marketed at very high prices. Then, other deposits are discovered, the exploitation is more intense and it becomes semi-precious. It is then that it is increasingly used in jewellery or decorative objects.


      Mineralogical characteristics

      The tiger eye is a mineral from the Quartz family, it is more specifically considered as a micro-crystalline quartz. This means that its crystals are visible to the naked eye.

      In physics, this stone is therefore part of the group Oxides and its chemical formula, very complex is SiO2.

      The tones of this mineral are multiple, they vary from yellow-brown to bite with many reflections of irroration, depending on the light rays and the angle of observation.

      A hardness of 7 is noted on the Mohs scale and a density of 2.68.

      Its structure is fibrous, it is explained in particular by the presence at the origin of another mineral called crocidolite. Over time, the crocidolite deteriorates and dissolves, so the quartz crystals take position following the original fibrous structure. The decomposition of the mineral then leaves iron oxide residues and the shimmering zones appear with brown / yellow tones characteristics of the tiger eye.

      The largest tiger eye deposits are found in South Africa and Sri Lanka. There are also other mines in Australia, Brazil, India, Burma and the United States.


      Virtues and properties in lithotherapy

      In lithothérapie, the tiger eye stone is protection symbol. It protects both from negative waves, but also from the bad attentions of others. Therefore, it is advisable to always have it on oneself and within.

      The tiger eye is connected to the earth and stability, it balances both your body and mind and helps you fill up with positive energy. It is the mineral that helps you achieve your goals and tap into your resources to go ever further. It acts as a true mirror by helping you to become aware of your qualities and faults.

      It acts as shield by blocking the negative energy and sending it back to the person who emitted it. It also helps you remove feelings of ill-being and depression harmonizing the yin and the yang as best as possible.

      The tiger eye is a stone whose benefits are numerous, both on the physical, spiritual and relational level. That is what we will see next.


      Benefits of the Stone Eye of Tiger

      Natural stone tiger eye

      As we could see, just before, the tiger's eye acts like a protective element by removing threats and helping you focus on your well-being and goals. This stone will then act on several levels:


      All the energy of this stone will make sure to settle several worries and decrease seeing to disappear the pains felt in your body, it will notably:

      • Relieve your joint problems, such as knee pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatism... and thus promote sports practice.
      • Regulate the endocrine glands, adrenals in particular (pancreatic gland and pituitary gland).
      • Strengthening metabolism : accelerates fracture repair and tissue regeneration, decreases asthma attacks, activates digestive functions....
      • Help digestion by activating digestive functions, especially biliary and regulating the nervous system.
      • Promote alignment of the spine.
      • Reduce mental fatigue.

      Spiritual and Relational

      It is a protective stone that allows to:

      • Not to be submerged by the energies of people or places.
      • To focus on one's own feeling and his own beliefs.
      • Overcoming our fears and to assert oneself more easily (self-confidence).
      • Reducing stress and have a more optimistic view.
      • Fighting Depression and regulate emotions.
      • Maximising concentration during examinations, for example.
      • Improving understanding things and acceptance.
      • Combating shyness and retreat upon oneself.
      • Harmonize Yin Yang energies.

      It also makes it possible to improve women 'away black magic, bad eye and negative energy sent voluntarily or not. It then returns the energies to its transmitter by acting as a true shield.


      Purification and refilling

      In order to conserve all its benefits and energy, it is important to clean its tiger eye regularly.

      For this, we recommend several things.

      Like all quartz, it is necessary to dip the stone for several hours in water to purify it energetically. To do this, fill a glass or soil container with demineralized or salted water and place your stone there for at least three hours.

      For more efficiency, you must then recharge it by exposing it to natural light for a few hours : in the morning sun (from dawn) or in the rays of the moon (preferably during the full moon).

      Beware, the tiger eye is very sensitive to acids and too high heat.


      To go a little further...

      Astrological signs

      Some astrological signs are particularly reactive to the benefits of this stone. These are the following signs: lion, gemini, virgin and capricorn.

      Linked Chakras

      Several Chakras can be associated with the tiger eye: the Chakra Root (Muladhara), the Chakra of the Solar Plexus (Manipura) and the frontal Chakra (Ajna).

      The tiger's eye in all its forms

      To benefit from all its virtues, you can wear the tiger's eye in the form of jewellery but also invigorating the atmosphere of your interior by placing a larger stone as soon as you enter your house. Do not hesitate to leave a small stone in a corner of your vehicle.


      That is, I think I have addressed much of the characteristics of the Tiger's Eye. I will certainly offer you new articles dealing with other semi-precious stones. In the meantime, I invite you to discover some products on our shop!

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      Christophe Lalanne

      Christophe Lalanne

      February 20, 2020

      Bonjour j’ai un bracelet en:cornaline, jade, et œil de tigre. Comment puis je le recharger. Mon ami m’a dit dit dans une géode ou coquille St jacques ou à la pleine lune. Est ce vrai ? Merci de votre aide. Je suis de charente maritime dept 17 à côté de saintes. Merci de votre aide😊



      February 20, 2020

      Bonjour, après combien de temps ces pierres agissent-elles sur notre corps et le mental? je les porte en collier depuis 3,4 jours et, je n’ai encore ressenti aucun effet, j’ai tendance à être autant si pas plus nerveuse. et, phénomène étrange, le collier s’est détaché de lui-même…merci de votre réponse (je suis du signe gémeaux ascendant lion)

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