How to choose a Buddhist protection bracelet?

Comment choisir un bracelet de protection bouddhiste ?

Originating in India and used for millennia, the buddhist protection bracelet can be simply carried on oneself, just as it can serve as a support for the repetition of mantras, which is its primary function. It exists several types of Buddhist protection bracelets. Here is how to choose your bracelet.

buddhist protection bracelet

What is the Buddhist protection bracelet

The Buddhist protection bracelet is intended for meditation and prayer while providing protection against negative energies. It helps you refocus on the essentials and avoid being overwhelmed by superfluous and scary thoughts. It contains several symbols that allow you to make a choice according to your own goals and intentions.

Even if it is not acquired on a religious basis, the protection braceletcan be worn on oneself and bring many beneficial effects. Contact with the body allows the transmission of positive energy that keeps negative and destructive thoughts away. It is a custom among Hindus and Buddhists to wear the bracelet on the wrist. This tradition is also present in Tibet.

Whatever our beliefs, the Buddhist protection bracelet can be considered a lucky charm that provides a feeling of calm and security. The different types of protective bracelets each have their own meaning. They mostly have 108 beads, a significant number in the Buddhist tradition. The bracelet may have fewer beads, but it will still be a multiple of 108.

The protective bracelet serves to guard against negative energies, but its primary function is to accompany the recitation of mantras. Mantras are syllables and phrases with strong energetic power. The beads on the bracelet help count mantras while freeing one's mind. The repetition of mantras helps in the acquisition of perfect concentration. The bracelet also includes a guru bead, which fixes the starting point of the session.

A choice guided by intuition

Know the symbolic meaning of the materials that make up the buddhist protection bracelet is important in choosing an object for meditation, but it is also advisable to let yourself be guided by your intuition. Many people feel drawn to a particular bracelet when making a choice. Regardless of how it looks, it seems to be making a connection with its future owner.

You shouldn't ask yourself too many questions and listen to your inner voice. Chances are, one particular bracelet will appeal to you right off the bat. The first impression is often the right one. A set of beads can imprint itself on your mind. This is a sign that this protective bracelet is for you.

A choice made according to intentions

When choosing your Buddhist protection bracelet, it is important to think about the intentions that guide youand the type of protection you're looking for. Your intention is yours. Everyone has their own intentions. It is by thinking about your goals that you will feel connected to a protective bracelet. You have to ask yourself what you are looking for and what you want to create in your life and think about the obstacles that stand in front of your accomplishments.

Precious and semi-precious stones

The materials with which the Buddhist protection bracelets were made have symbolic meaning and can guide you in your choice. These objects are made among others of stones which have their own vibrations. Look for a type of stone that matches your intentions. The energy will be amplified and help you move forward.

Some principles govern the wearing of Buddhist bracelets of protection. For example, you should always avoid the pearls touching the ground. It is believed that upon hitting the ground pearls lose energy and your goals and intentions drift away. It is recommended to clean the beads immediately when the bracelet falls on the floor.

It is also advisable to prevent other people from touching the bracelet. The rule is a little difficult to respect since the beauty of the pearls encourages people to touch them. Again, just clean the pearls right after someone touches them.

How to wear your bracelet


It is also recommended to wear the protective bracelet right wrist to make the most of its protective and energetic effect. The bracelet also captures energy well when worn on the left wrist, but to faithfully uphold a thousand-year-old tradition, one must accept its main rules.

It is not absolutely essential to wear the collar on the right wrist. If you don't feel comfortable wearing it on the other wrist, the effect will probably be better. The important thing is to feel connected to the protection bracelet.

Among the most important protection bracelets, we should mention the protection bracelet made with obsidian stones. This type of bracelet attracts a lot as much for its beauty as its virtues. It stimulates creativity and protects your body by boosting the immune system. This protection stone has been used for centuries. It forms a bulwark against all negative energy. Vulnerable people are looking for this type of protective bracelet.

The stones

Obsidian is also associated in several cultures with The healing. It is intended for people who have experienced a traumatic event and are looking to refocus. It can help the mind to free itself from fears and distractions. In addition, tradition attributes to it the power to help discern the truth. But above all, an obsidian bracelet attracts negative energy which can no longer reach the wearer.

The Tiger Stone Buddhist Protective Bracelet is another effective item to wear at all times. The tiger eye was adopted by the Dalai Lama to accompany his recitations. It's about a solar stone of great vitality. Its bright color can change from yellow to brown. He is credited with the ability to fight against depression and fatigue.

The tiger eye is renowned as a very powerful object of protection. This solar stone repels negative energies. It has traditionally been used to remove black magic as well as various curses, often cast while traveling. Its presence in history is attested by writings which relate that in Roman times it was worn by gladiators when going into battle.

Wearing a tiger eye bracelet helps to feel safe and to block internal inconsistencies. Tiger eye is not only used for making the Buddhist protection bracelet. It is often found in talismans and amulets due to its protective effect. It would also attract people who could have a beneficial effect in your life to you.


When it comes to protection against black magic and the evil eye, it is not just about magic, but also about the negative energies that can emanate from those around you and your surroundings. The tiger eye is credited with the power to reflect negative energy back to the person who emits it. The tiger eye bracelet also protects against bad luck. The stone also works against your own negative energies.

On the physical level, the tiger eye is said to have the power to help cure certain pathologies. It would be effective among other things against asthma and rheumatism. He would also fight against hypertension with his soothing powers. It also protects biliary functions.

Other Buddhist bracelets of protection have special functions. For example, it is recognized that the lava stone bracelet has, among other things, the ability to protect against anger. Its calming character is undeniable. This stone also has the property of helping to rebuild and to forget the pains of the past. On the physical level, it also protects against muscle tension.

Wooden bracelets

Some wooden bracelets are also known to offer effective protection to the wearer. Wood is a soft material known for its soothing properties. Wearing a protective wooden bracelet helps to refocus and protect against negative and unnecessary energies. The protective wooden bracelet is often worn by yoga enthusiasts.

There are peach wood bracelets on which we engrave the mantra om mani padme hum, considered the most important in the Buddhist tradition. This is the mantra of compassion. It is said that all the teaching of the Buddha is contained therein for those who know how to detect its full significance. This type of bracelet has a reputation for improving well-being.

This combination of mantra and peach wood makes this bracelet the ideal means of protection. In addition, this wood is renowned for bring longevity while attracting luck and good fortune. The peach tree itself is the symbol of immortality.

There are many other protective bracelets that are just as effective. It is always possible to find a Buddhist protection bracelet that matches your intention and personality.

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