How do I maintain his Tibetan Mala?

Comment entretenir son Mala Tibétain ?

It's a question that comes back regularly, if you're here it's probably besides that you're also looking for information to find out how to take care and how to clean up your Mala.

As we have already seen in previous articles, the Tibetan Mala serves as a rosary and perhaps worn around the wrist or as a necklace.

It consists of 108 beads and may be used in meditation sessions, yoga or just act as a true fashion accessory.

To discover or rediscover all this, I propose to read again, if you wish our two articles on Malas.

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Let's go now about the day: How do I maintain his Tibetan Mala?


To begin...

Collier Mala in Silver Pur

One thing is certain, we never choose one Mala by chance. This reflects a part of who we are and accompanys us in the day-to-day, in our quest for well-being and relaxation.

Take care of your Mala, it's above all taking care of you. You have tomaintain regularly, whether it's from physical or spiritual manner.

So there are rules to be respected and things to be avoided if you want to retain all the efficiency and beauty of your Mala.


Some basic rules

Regular use, you'll do

At home Asian craftsman, we are intimately persuaded that one of the best ways to take care of one's Mala, it's to use it regularly. You can of course wear it as often as possible, but also scratch it frequently.

Grain it?It's just the action to pass the 108 pearls of your Mala between your fingers. This can be done, for example, when reciting mantras.

This action allows the natural stone or wooden pearls that make up your Mala, reveal the virtues of the materials used and bring out the inner jewel.

Exposure to light and/or moon, he will like

Reload its mala by the moon or sun

That your Mala consists of wood or of semiprecious beads, he'll enjoy meeting a few hours under the sun's rays or to the moon's glow.

The little one more?If your Mala is wooden, it will also rekindle its smell!

We recommend you to be interested in the lithotherapy, which is a method of care by stones. You will know so, if the stones or woods that make up your Mala need sun or moon to regenerate.

To this end, we are working on different articles to present you precisely the virtues and benefits of stones and different woods. Every two weeks you will discover the presentation of a new natural matter.

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From clean and clear water, he will enjoy

Water purification

To be proscribed for the wooden Malas obviously! Concerning stone Malas, again, this is about following the advocates given by the therapists.

Water purification is very often advocated, as it is both simple and effective. This will be done by using slightly salted water, since salt helps minerals to regenerate andto unloading himself from negative energy.

However, we must be careful, because some stones don't like water! This is the case, among other things, of grenate, azurite, pyrite and many others...

The smoke of incense, he'll appreciate

When meditating, it is advisable to light incense to anchor its practice, increase its concentration, and soothe the mind.

It's a great routine for maintenance of your Mala pearls. Indeed, these will then absorb smoke from incense and each of the pearls will immerse itself from its smell.

Sandal or or wadwood, cones, sticks or spirals, that's according to your preferences! No matter what incense, it's more the intention you're going to weartothe purification that is important here. Find out all our natural incenses.

Saltal wood incense buildings

Sandalwood incense buildings

Spirale d’encens au bois de oud - 100% Natural

Incense Spirals of Wad Wood - 100% Natural

The vibration of sounds, he will love

Through singing, music, reciting a mantra or using a Tibetan singing bowl, each sound will be transmitted to Mala. The vibration created, purifies so the beads from your rosary.

tibetan singing bowl


To go further

If you want to make the best use and really benefit from your Mala, there are some steps to follow:

  • Make him blessed beforehand by a Lama;
  • Then bless him yourself to convey all your energy to him;
  • Clean your hands and your Mala before using it.


Things to avoid

Things to avoid

The shower with Mala, you'll run away

It is a mandatory advice if your Mala is composed of wooden pearls. Indeed, if you bathe or shower, it is possible that water will infiltrate and inflate the wood.

Similarly, avoid storing it in a wet place or loaded with negative waves.

Lend your Mala, you'll avoid

Your Mala is associated with the warmth of your body and mind, he's sort of dependent on you.

So you have to avoid leaving your Mala in someone else's hands.

Playing with his Mala, you'll forget

He's tempting to trip to everything goes the pearls of his Mala when you're nervous.

However, we recommend that you keep your Mala in your hands only for the recitation of a mantra or to position it around your neck or wrist.

Don’t play with other times and don’t look for everyone to notice.

A Mala is a private accessory, keep a humble attitude toward him.

Put it on the ground, you won't

If possible avoid putting it on the ground or on a level below you.

For these last three points, of course, it is only things to avoid and only if your Mala has been blessed and that it has a true meaning for you. If you wear it as a jewel, these points are then optional.


My Mala broke, what do you do?

It is a purely personal advice, but if by use it was to yield, we advise you not to use it anymore and not to seek to fix it. We think that means that he has reached his limits and has received too much attention.

Instead, see the opportunity to acquire a new one and give you new goals to achieve!

To discover our collection of Tibetan Malas Colliers, it is here:

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All our Malas Bracelets


This is how my explanations on how to clean and take care of his Tibetan MalaI hope I could help you see more clearly...

We'll meet next Tuesday for a next article.

Good week to all!

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