How to recognize and use the Lapis Lazuli stone?

Comment reconnaître et utiliser la pierre Lapis Lazuli ?

I'm here on Tuesday to continue our Natural stone discovery route. I have to say that we have already travelled a good part of the way. The presentation of the following stones : theAmethystTheAgate, the Grenat, the Turquoise, theObsidian And theTiger's Eye.

On July 31, I introduced you Sodalite Through the article: What is Sodalite? How to recognize, use and reload. 

In this article, I explained to you that Sodalite was regularly confused with the stone ofLapis Lazuli, It is therefore time for you to make the presentation.

You will discover All the characteristics of this stone To avoid confusion with another and to know more specifically if these Virtues and benefits Meets your expectations and your personality.

Mala Buddhist bracelet-Pierre de Sable Bleu and Lapis Lazuli (Series Limited edition "Nuit Étoilée") Mala bracelet Buddhist stone of blue sand and lapis lazuli mala bracelet blue Buddhist bracelet Mala Buddhist bracelet-Pierre de Sable Bleu and Lapis Lazuli (Series Limited edition "Nuit Étoilée")

Mala Buddhist bracelet - Blue Sandstone and Lapis Lazuli (Limited Series "Night Star" edition)

Discovered and used for more than 7000 years, the Lapis Lazuli is a very popular rock in various fields such as jewellery, mineralogyor else the lithothérapie.

Regularly confused with Sodalite, these two stones have some common properties. However, several criteria differentiate them:

  • Lapis Lazuli is softer, its color blue is generally more sustained and this stone often has pyrite inclusions.
  • The Lapis Lazuli acts more at the level of the gorge, while the Sodalite acts more on the area of the front.
  • The Sodalite is much more accessible price level

True stone of communication, but also of friendship and love, this stone helps you to work your extra-sensory faculties.

Now is the time to enter the heart of the subject and tell you more about this particular stone...


Origin and History of Lapis Lazuli

In the past

Very old natural stone, it is recognized in particular for its use as ornamental stone in jewellery, painting and decoration.

The Prehistory

Lapis Lazuli is used for the manufacture of jewellery and ornaments. It is then found in different forms: pearls, amulets, pendants...


It is a stone that was much confused with the Sapphire and was at that time called Starry Sapphire.

The Roman Era

At that time, the Lapis Lazuli was considered an aphrodisiac. The Romans then used it as an antidote to snake bites. This stone was also reduced to powder for purely cosmetic use.

The Middle Ages

This stone is used after being ground, as paint pigment (it was this pigment that Michelangelo used to realize the sky of the Sistine Chapel in Rome) and was also used for the dyeing of tissues.

She owned curative virtues, many consumed it crushed and mixed in milk to strengthen their limbs and prevent the spirit of fears and desires. It was indeed considered to be the stone that brought robustness to its bearer.

The Egyptians

Lapis Lazuli represents the stone of the Gods. For ancient civilizations, this stone was even more prized than gold.

Today considered as a semi-precious stoneat that time it had the equivalent of the place that diamond occupies today in society.

During the Bronze Age, the Lapis Lazuli is at its peak of its symbolic and physical value, it is used for creation of animal statuettes (beetles), seals and other fashionable objects.

Bracelet mala lys in lapis lazuli

In today...

Lapis Lazuli Stone is best known and used in jewellery-making and there lithothérapie for his many energy properties.

As we will see later in this article, of multiple beneficial properties are attributed to it both emotionally and physically.

Globally recognized, it is the national stone of Chile. 

What does his name mean?

They differentiate two origins for the name of Lapis Lazuli stone, corresponding to the two names that make up it.

  • A Latin origin for the first part.

"Lapis" means stone.

  • An Arab origin for the second.

"Azul" means blue, azur.

What ultimately gives us " blue stone" and which therefore corresponds entirely to the physical aspect of the stone.

Term Lazuli comes from the Persian Lâdjaward which is a derivative of the Sanjrit "raja farta" meaning "portion of king", which clearly demonstrates the value attached to mineral.


Mineralogical properties of Lapis Lazuli stone

It is a metamorphic rock of the feldspathoid group, mainly composed of lazurite (25 to 40 %). This is where its color comes from intense matt blue.

It may include white veins (calcite), but also yellow flashes/golden flakes of pyrites. You have to know that the more there are, the less valuable the stone is.

Mala collier in Lapiz Lazuli

Collar Mala en Lapis Lazulli

This stone belongs to the family Silicates. It has a density of 2.7 to 3 and a hardness of between 5 and 5.5 on the Mohs scale.

Where to find Lapis Lazuli?

The first deposits were discovered in Afghanistan (Badakhchan Province), since other deposits have emerged, notably in the United States, Canada, Pakistan, Chile and Russia (Lake Baikal region).

As seen a little above, the Lapis Lazuli has been Chile's national stone since 20 September 1984. The main deposit is located there.


Virtues and properties in lithotherapy

Collier Mala LYS En Lapis Lazuli and Bois de Santal

Mala LYS necklace in Lapis Lazuli and Natural Santal Wood


  • Improves visual impairment and facilitates night vision.
  • Reduces dandruff.
  • Treats skin disorders (eczema, allergies, rashes, burns...)
  • Accelerates hair growth and nail growth.
  • Lower the tension and lower the fever.
  • Regulates the level of water in the body and blood pressure.
  • Relieves painful rules.
  • Soothing headaches, this stone is ideal for preventing migraines.
  • Strengthens the lungs and helps stop coughing. It is particularly beneficial for asthmatics.

Emotionally and Spiritually

  • Facilitates communication and dialogue by enhancing self-confidence and improving human relationships.
  • Brings lucidity, frankness and humour.
  • Remove anxieties, fears and blockages.
  • Develops creativity and intuition.
  • Raises the soul and stabilizes the spirit.
  • Brings calm and serenity.
  • Helps to get through difficult times by bringing courage and relieves the depressive state.
  • Strengthens friendly or loving ties.
  • Facilitates meditation.


How to maintain Lapis Lazuli?

To bring all its benefits, the stone needs to regain all its energies. For this, it is essential to take the utmost care. avoiding excessive heat sources, soap and saline solutions.

Clean your stone makes it possible to rid it of all the negative energies it has accumulated during use.


You can place it in an amethyst geode, a quartz block or more simply in a bowl of unsalted water. Let it soak all night.

Be careful that the container used is based on a natural material (glass and not plastic).


Lapis Lazuli then charge via the sun's rays (natural light) for only a few moments.


To go a little further...

Buddhist Mala-108 beads in obsidian and lapis lazuli (Series Limited edition " Coq d' Eau ")

Buddhist Mala - 108 pearls in obsidian and lapis lazuli (Limited Edition "Water Rooster")

Astrological signs

This stone is associated with signs of Sagittarius, Fish and Aquarius.

Lapis Lazuli and the associated Chakras

It is used mainly in direct application at the level of Chakra of throat and third eye.

But also...

As you know, every year in his wedding name. And quite precisely, it happens that the wedding of Lapis Lazuli mark 56 years of marriage in a couple!


That is how we come to the end of this article. I sincerely hope that you have taken pleasure in reading it and discovering why not, certain characteristics of this stone that you did not know yet...

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On this, I wish you a good week and I find you next Tuesday to discover a new stone!

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