How do I use a Buddhist necklace?

Comment utiliser un collier bouddhiste ?

The buddhist necklace is used to count mantras and prayers during meditation sessions. Despite its religious origins, it can be used by everyone and bring beneficial effects. Just know how to use it to learn how to develop its focus and refocus its mind.

buddhist necklace

What is the Buddhist necklace

The buddhist necklaceis native to India and has been adopted in several different communities. It was created several centuries ago. For example, in Tibet, Tibetan necklace is at the heart of religious practice. There are several symbols in the landscape and in all aspects of life. This instrument, which can be confused with a simple ornament, must be used according to precise rules. It serves primarily as support to help concentration during prayer and when mantras are pronounced.

The necklace can be made from different materials who have all their own meaning. It can be made of sandalwood, a wood used as much in traditional medicine as in the field of jewellery. We lend him soothing virtues. The Buddhist necklace can also be made of agathis alba wood and wear as an ornament. He can even decorate a room while hunting negative energy.

Collar details

The Buddhist necklace has 108 beads most of the time. This number has a very important meaning in the Buddhist tradition where it is very often present. For example, the Buddha would have 108 names and he would have suffered 108 tests before accessing the enlightenment. Additionally, there would be 108 lines of energy constituting the heart chakra, with chakra being the center of the body's psychic energy used to control the body's energy.

The perception of the Buddhist necklace evolved over time. It is no longer only considered an object related to ritual, but also a fashion accessory. The only fact of wearing a Buddhist necklace is considered to be a means of pushing back negative energies. Even without meditation, many agree that they feel better when wearing this object.

We should not leave the necklace in a drawer. In this way, all its beneficial effects are cancelled. practicing meditation with him helps at the same time maintain it and avoids dust buildup.

The choice of the Buddhist necklace does not match any precise rule. The legend even says that it is the necklace that chooses the person who will wear it. It is advisable, when choosing a necklace, to simply rely on its intuition. No matter how many pearls or how they look. You will probably feel attracted to one of them. This will mean that you have perceived the call he has made to you in particular.

Use a Buddhist necklace

The Buddhist necklace does not only have aesthetic functions. Knowing how to use it makes it possible to enjoy of all his spiritual potentialThe necklace is used in particular to count mantras during meditation or prayer. It allows us to build benchmarks in such a way as to free the mind that can be fully devoted to reciting mantras. Mantras are syllables or sacred phrases. We need to keep a few rules to use the necklace.

Start meditation well

use a buddhist necklace

Before starting meditation, it is important to well set son mantra. He must be given special attention. You have to have a precise meditation object and invoke the mantra that matches it. For example, the Mantra of the Great Compassion would be the most important among Buddhists and with great power. Wearing the necklace at all times keeps in mind the mantra pronounced during the session.

To start meditation, one must identify a quiet and serene place. Settle down and start focusing on your breathing and focusing on the mantra you chose. Close your eyes and try to evacuate all the thoughts of your mind. Start by inspiring through the nose, then exhale with the mouth. Pronounce your mantra and push a pearl as you exhale.

You can recite the mantra out loud or in silence. The important thing is to focus on him. Not all agree on the hand that must hold the Buddhist necklace. Whether with the left hand or right hand, the important thing is to be comfortable pushing each pearl toward oneself without using the index finger.

The index in meditation

The index must be kept extended to avoid the best possible touching the beads. The mala can be slipped on the thumb and you can then iron the fingers inside so as to avoid touching it. The guru pearl does not have to be touched. It is the landmark for departure or end. Pearls are hit one by one. Then you have to start again in the opposite direction until you reach the guru pearl.

For a necklace of 108 pearls, 108 rehearsals are required. If this is a smaller necklace, care must be taken to respect the principle of 108 multiples given the symbolic importance of this number. It's hard at first not to lose the account. The most important thing is to develop its concentration and achieve peace of mind. Over time, concentration becomes easier to maintain.

The ritual

The ritual is considered to be performed when reaches the number 100. This leaves 8 digits for the possibility of an error in the counting of mantras, an almost inevitable error given the number of rehearsals. It is considered that these 8 pearls are offered to the master.

It is common to see the followers of meditation adopt the lotus position for the repetition of mantras with the Tibetan necklace. The posture is adequate but it is not mandatory. A chair does just as well. Just be well installed, comfortable and keep your back straight. In this way, energy flows well along your body. You're in a state of reception.

Exercise seems simple, but it is not easy at first to evacuate all his thoughts. If you can’t, it’s advisable to count these thoughts instead of counting the mantras. We must only let the thought come without analyzing it. Once the thought is counted, move on to another thought and push a pearl. Repeat the process whenever a new thought comes up. These thoughts should disappear over time and stop affecting your concentration.

How do I start?

If you are a beginner, your concentration may be troubled during the session. Noise or insistent thoughts may assailant you after you pushed a few pearls. The best to do in this case is to start starting again from the beginning and return to the first pearl. Recitement is an exercise of patience and it is only after a while that you will reach the peace of the mind.

With the necklace, meditation and counting begin with the guru pearlShe must not be touched. After pronounced a mantra, use your thumb to push a pearl and pronounce the mantra again. We have to push the pearls one by one for each mantra. You have to push every pearl by directing it toward you. The index should not be used to push the pearl.

The pearls you shoot toward you represent the beings you remove from suffering. Indeed, even the cord on which the beads were threaded is endowed with symbolic meaning. The cord is composed of several wires that have a particular meaning. Three of these sons represent the body of the Buddha. Five more sons represent the five families of the Buddha.

Energize the Buddhist necklace

The Buddhist necklace will become even more beneficial if you apply to energize it. The way to do this is to practice meditation with the necklace for 40 consecutive days. The appropriate mantra must be used to improve the beneficial effects of the necklace. When energized, the necklace can be worn on oneself and transmit its positive energy. It can also be lent to a loved one to receive this energy.

The necklace, when not worn, must be stored in a clean place. Adeptes of Buddhism often set him up on a statuette that represents Buddha or a god. It is recommended that he be kept in a place that is considered sacred. It is also recommended that the necklace be exposed sometimes to the sun or moonlight. It is also often the case that incense is burned near him so that he pervades his smell.

The Buddhist necklace must not be worn in the shower or pool. Water inflates pearls. Aside from bathing, it is recommended to wear the necklace as often as possible to maintain it. He's energized at body contact.

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