History and properties of natural oud wood incense

Histoire et propriétés de l'encens naturel au bois de oud

Perfume your home with natural incense from Asia

Incense is now widely used worldwide by individuals in order to obtain a delicate and subtle scent at home at home. This form of olfactory communication is now widely used all over the world.


What is incense ?

Originating from the Latin word "incendere" of the meaning burn, the incense diffuses an intense aromatic smoke into the ambient air and thus delicately perfumes the interior of a particular room. The incense allows for many people to bring a touch of atmosphere in any interior but also to establish a special atmosphere. Several uses of incense remain possible according to the needs of each.

It will be possible to use natural incense as a fragrance but also for the purification it brings. Incense also has a power of meditation and remains in Asia widely used for example in temples and religious shrines. In China for example, incense is used as a fragrance during Xiang. This substance has been ritually burned for millennia and still represents the essential values of classical Chinese writing.

The Chinese character Xiang refers to the fragrance and represents a tree surmounting the sun. It is also a carrier of a perfume of good virtue with excellent fame.


How is it made in China ?

In China, incense and its manufacture there has become a certain art form totally respected as for example calligraphy or tea. In some Buddhist temples for example, incense is used there to measure the unity of time like a traditional clock.

The Artisandasie online store offers a natural incense made with oud wood. Commonly known as agarwood or oud wood, this very fragrant resin is produced thanks to some diseased trees located in Asia. Indeed, when the tree is infected with a fungus or bacteria, it can produce oud or agar wood. This wood is also rarer because less widespread. To produce oud wood, these must be totally infected to give this famous Oud.


Oud Wood cultivates mystery

Indeed, Oud Wood carries with it a certain mystery. The Egyptians would once have used it for embalming the deceased. It would also be the original tree of the Garden of Eden. Some also use it to combat nervous disorders such as neurosis or through certain obsessive behaviors. It is also the ideal incense for meditation, the Buddhas used it in the past during intense meditation sessions.

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