The Solar Plexus Chakra: what is it ? Where is it located and how to cure it ?

Le Chakra du Plexus Solaire : Qu'est-ce que c'est ? Où se trouve-t-il et comment le soigner ?

After discovering in recent weeks two articles dedicated to the discovery of theRoot Chakra and theSacred Chakra, we invite you this week to learn more about the Solar Plexus Chakra.

This new blog post allows you to differentiate between the different Chakras and understand how they work. So, after reading this text, you will find it easier to locate the 3rd Chakra, namely what is its function and how to detect malfunctions to quickly rebalance it.

For starters, remember that this third Chakra is attached to the color yellow and that it is called Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura in sanskrit.


But who is the solar Chakra ?

It is corresponds to the notions of control, freedom and power. When everything goes for the best this is what allows you to have a good image of yourself andbe aware of all your abilities.

On the contrary, if you feel that you are more indecisive than usual, you ask a lot of questions and you are sometimes a little nervous, it's time to rebalance all this !

Solar CHAKRA identity card


ManipuraMetal :iron  -Mantra :RAM -Element :fire  -Color :yellow -Music Note :mi  -Physical meaning :view  -Symbol :lotus with ten petals.

Essential oils :Roman chamomile, bergamot and juniper.

Energy body : mental body.

Gland :adrenals, pancreas.

Function :internal power, will.

Body parts :area of the solar plexus, but also digestive system, skin and muscles.


Where is the solar Chakra located ?

The 3rd chakra

Manipurais located just below the chest, above the navel. It represents the crossroads between the physical world and the spiritual world, the one that leads to emotions.


What do you feel when this Chakra is balanced ?

True Chakra of radiation and action, when this one is perfectly balanced you feel confident, able to embark on new projects, make important decisions... It is the right balance of your emotions and passions.

It represents communication with the outside world. It is also respect for the feelings and qualities of others, acceptance of the other as he is. We feel then open, cheerful and awake.

If you refuse to share or show your emotions (love, anger, fear, tenderness), this chakra hangs. On the contrary, if you quickly feel overwhelmed by your emotions, it is because he is too loose and can not handle them.


The malfunctions of the solar Chakra ?

Malfunctions of the solar chakra

How to detect them ?

You can feel either hyperactivity of this Chakra, or, on the contrary, a sub-activity. To notice them, here are some points that you need to pay attention to.

Hyper-active Manipura

  • you become selfish or manipulative ;
  • you show eating disorders and are obsessed with your weight, diets and diet ;
  • you are regularly angry, irritable and relationship difficulties appear frequently ;
  • you always need to prove things to others.

Manipura sub-active

  • you lack self-confidence, you always need the advice and approval of those around you before you achieve something ;
  • you don't know how to say no ;
  • you have trouble finding your place ;
  • you feel a lot of negative emotions ;
  • you easily abandon your plans and make the wrong decisions.

In case of imbalance of the solar plexus, several diseases can then be declared, such as :disorders of the pancreas, ulcers, problems with digestion, appetite disorders, diseases related to the kidneys...

What are the causes ?

We note mainly 3 levels on which it is possible to detect causes of malfunction :

At the physical level

  • Too intense activity ;
  • Too much adrenaline rush ;
  • A fear related to speeding in a vehicle.

At the spiritual level

  • A lack of letting go ;
  • A disappointing realization between who you are today and what you would have wanted to be ;
  • A top heavyweight attached to religion ;
  • A sense of injustice ;

At the psychological / emotional level

  • An argument with a loved one, a strong anger ;
  • A strong challenge ;
  • Memories that go back ;
  • Actions that directly affect your ego.


How to rebalance the Manipura Chakra ?

If this Chakra is blocked or unbalanced, then you need to recharge and harmonize it, because it is he who helps you to free yourself from stress and tension. For this, different solutions exist :

Natural semi-precious stones 7 Chakras

Natural semi-precious stones 7 Chakras

  • Wear stones and/or position them on the 3rd Chakra during meditation sessions :citrine, Amber, Tiger Eye, pyrite, yellow Jasper and any other stones in yellow or gold tones.
  • If you're the type hyperactive,learn to give yourself moments of calm(take stock of your life, your desires, become aware of your actions).On the contrary, if you don't move enough, learn to put your body in motion.
  • Take an interest in methods of personal development. The solar Chakra being related to self-esteem,it is essential to strengthen it day by day.
  • Learn toforgive yourself and forgive others.
  • You can listen to music: piano, harp, cello, oboe. These are sounds that symbolize the joy and fullness and that therefore helps the radiation of this Chakra.
  • Test Reiki (relaxation and stress reduction method) and / or foot reflexology in an experienced practitioner.
  • Trust essential oils. Use in air diffusion or massage (bergamot, chamomile, Juniper)
  • Give yourself Yoga sessions and work on such postures as Warrior, Bridge, half-clamp, fish, wheel...


So, did you enjoy this new article ?

You now know how to locate the Solar Plexus Chakra, detect its dysfunctions and know how to act to rebalance it and regain all your energy and confidence in yourself and life.

If you have any questions, if you want to add information do not hesitate to leave a small comment, just below the article !

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We will meet you in a few weeks to present the Heart Chakraand in the meantime we wish you a very good week.

See you Tuesday for a new article !

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