What is Rock Crystal? How to recognize it, use it and clean it?

Qu'est-ce que le Cristal de roche ? Comment le reconnaître, l'utiliser et le nettoyer ?

Like every Tuesday, here we are again together for a new article. This week, I invite you to discover a new stone: the Rock crystal.

As with the previous stones, this is a discovery article through which you will learn more about the origin and history of this stone, its mineralogical characteristics, its virtues and how you should clean it.

The idea is to help you find the stone or stones that suit you. Each has specific benefits, likewise a stone is often attached to certain astrological signs and chakras, so you are the only person who can find the right one for you.

Our articles are here for help you in your choices and provide you with as much information as possible on each of them.

If you missed our previous articles on this subject, know that you can make up for it today!

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Crystal Pendant - 7 Chakras

In lithotherapy, rock crystal is one of protection stones most important, because it has pure and powerful energy. Also called colorless quartz, hyaline quartz or translucent quartz, it is certainly the most used stone today.

He plays several roles : receiver, transmitter and amplifier, thus it makes the link between the material and the immaterial, between the subtle body and the spiritual body while bringing clairvoyance and warding off negative energies.

Furthermore, this crystal reinforces the benefits and virtues of other stones.Suitable for all astrological signs, so this is the stone that everyone should have.

So how about learning more about it?


Origin and History

In the old days

  • Paleolithic

The crystal was used in the same way as flint to start fires.

  • In 1500 BC

The Mycenaeans carved and carved on the Rock crystal and the Romans were already using it for the creation of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces or rings.

The Romans saw the Rock crystal like a large block of ice (rock crystal indeed keeps the cold for a very long time), they then used it to cool their hands during hot weather.

  • In the 10th century after Jesus Christ

In Italy (Milan and Florence), it is used for makingdecorative objects : shots, vases ...

  • In Egypt

A large number of obelisks appeared as a result of the great campaign under the Empire and the Consulate. In addition, the Egyptians used to place a crystal on the dead front as a 3rd eye in order to help the soul find the right path.

  • Native American

A legend says that 13 crystal skulls are hidden around the world, several have already been found. It is said that when these 13 skulls are gathered the knowledge of the world will be revealed to us, another legend announces the end of the world if these 13 skulls are reunited.

Until today...

  • Crystal ball

It is used by many clairvoyants, mediums, to promote flashes and telepathy.

  • Tribal peoples

Rock crystal plays a very important role in the practices and beliefs of some tribal peoples. It is used during initiation rites.

  • In the middle of industry

The crystal is synthesized and used in industry for the creation of watches, computers for its electromagnetic capabilities.

Mala buddhist bracelet - Crystal (Limited Edition "4 Seasons" Edition)

Mala buddhist bracelet - Crystal (Limited Edition "4 Seasons" Edition)

What does his name mean?

The word Crystal comes from the Greek "Krystallos" which means "ice" and which is itself derived from the word "Kryos" which means "gel".


Mineralogical properties of rock crystal

Rock crystal is a mineralof the group of silicates which belongs to the Quartz family. Transparent, it is essentially composed of silicon dioxide. You can find it as a colorless crystal, but also with color variations (blue, green, gold, harlequin, lithium ...).

Its hardness is 7.


Crystal and Obsidian Couple Mala Bracelet

Where can I find the Rock Crystal?

It is one of the most common minerals since it represents 12% of the total mass of the lithosphere.

So, it can be found all over the planet, but the most beautiful deposits are mainly located in Brazil, Madagascar, the USA and in the Alps.


Virtues and properties in lithotherapy


NecklaceMala in Pink and Blue Crystal (Special Edition)

On the physical level

  • Very effective for the glands and the thyroid.
  • Helps to heal problems related to the digestive system.
  • Relieves back pain and herniated disc.
  • Soothes the nervous system.
  • Accentuates weight loss.
  • Strengthens the eyes (eye pain), heart, ears (infections, tinnitus ...), lungs, blood and lymphatic circulation.

On an emotional and spiritual level

  • Help to work on internal energy and to amplify it to better transmit it.
  • Stabilizes and harmonizes the energies of the body.
  • Realigns vibrations and brings balance and energy while purifying the mind.
  • Develop inner strength.
  • Promotes imagination, memory, clairvoyance, telepathy and meditation.
  • Allows you to free yourself from stress and better express yourself and communicate with others.
  • Strengthens the action of other crystals and minerals.
  • Help with open-mindedness.


How to maintain your rock crystal stone?

Like all stones, there comes a time when the stone has given all its energy. It is therefore essential to energetically purify.

Rock crystal can also recharge other stones, because it has the capacity to store, but also to transmit strong energies.


You can place your stone for several hours in a container of demineralized / distilled water, possibly slightly salted.


To charge your Rock Crystal, place it in the sunlight.


To go a little further ...


Crystal Mala Bracelet

Astrological signs

The huge advantage of this stone is that it is suitable for all signs. You can therefore offer it to yourself without fear or give it to one of your loved ones. With it, you can be sure not to go wrong.

Rock Crystal and the associated Chakras

It is suitable for all chakras, but acts primarily on the sixth and seventh chakras.

But also...

The rock crystal is the symbol of light and he celebrates the 15 years of marriage represented by "Crystal Wedding".


You would have understood it, this crystal is beneficial for a large number of mental or physical ailments. It can also be combined with other stones in order to strengthen their benefits and virtues.

How do you use it on your side? If you have not yet fallen for this mineral, do not hesitate to discover all the products in Rock crystal available on our website.

Natural crystal mala necklace

Nature Rock Crystal Mala Necklace



If you have any questions or would like to provide additional information that might help other readers, please leave a comment.

In the meantime, we wish you a very good week and we will meet you next Tuesday for an article which will deal this time with the 4th Chakra.

See you soon !

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