What does Turquoise represent?

Que représente la Turquoise ?

In previous articles, we have seen in particularthe benefits of the Tiger Eye Stone, as well asObsidian. In this journey of discovery ofsemi-precious natural stones, today I suggest that we look atTurquoise.


Tibetan Mala in Turquoise and White Jade (Limited Edition "Mineral Blue" Edition)

Let's discover together its origin, its history as well as its notmany benefits and virtues. To give you a taste of what will follow, keep in mind that this stone helps youbetter control your thoughts and each of your actions. Listen to what she says, this is how you will realize your full potential!


Origin and History

From yesterday ...

First of all, turquoise jewelry dating from 6000 BC has been found in Egypt.


Then, the quality of Turquoise was recognized at the time of the Persians when it was used as early as 5000 years BC. It has since been highly sought after for its special color. It was used at the time ofTalisman against the evil eye.

In America, it was then asacred stone which was used as currency. Subsequently, many mosaics, carvings and other treasures have emerged and marked the ancient occupation of Indians in Western America.

Until today...

The Amerindian and Navajo peoples makebeautiful jewelry with this stone. They are the perfect marriage of silver and turquoise and sell their jewelry all over the world.

What does the name “Turquoise” mean?

It was the Venetian merchants who introduced turquoise to Europe. They were then convinced that this stone came from Turkey, it was for them,“Turkish stone”. As you will easily notice, this is how its designation contains all the letters of "Turkey". Then she gave her name to the color that you all know:turquoise blue.


Mineralogical characteristics

Turquoiseis a stone very easily recognizable thanks to itsblue or greenish color. It has come back strongly on the market in recent years, it is found on a large number of Tibetan jewelry and inMiao crafts. It goes perfectly with the color silver.


LYS Mala Bracelet in Turquoise and Silver


Mala LYS Necklace in Turquoise and Cedar

This stone has a density of 2.6 to 2.8 and a hardness between 5 and 6 on the Mohs scale.

Where to find the “Turquoise”?

This stone is aaluminum and copper phosphate. Today, unfortunately, a large number of deposits are exhausted. Those still in existence are located mainly in China, Mexico, Iran, the United States and Tibet.The best known and oldest deposit is Mount Ali-mersai, located in Khorasan province in Iran.


The colors and different types of Turquoises

Light blue, deep azure blue, dark green or apple green ... the different colors of turquoise are very numerous, as are the different shapes and sizes that they can take. Its color depends above all on its components, the more copper there is, the bluer the turquoise will be.

They are very often marked bysome cracks(darker veins) which simply show the presence of other minerals. And admit that this is very often all that makes its charm and itsso unique from stone to stone!


Virtues and properties in lithotherapy

As we saw just above, there isa wide variety of turquoises, it is therefore impossible to make a complete list of all the virtues associated with this stone.

However, we will cover the main ones here so that you are aware of thepowers of this stone. You never choose a stone by chance, it is important that it speaks to you and is the symbol of values ​​that correspond to you.


Buddhist bracelet mala - Sandalwood and semi-precious stones (Limited Edition "Om Mani Padme Hum" edition)

On the physical level

No matter how you decide to wear it,turquoise is above all a stone of protection and blessingfor the one who wears it. It will in particular:

  • Strengthen your eyes, liver and glands.
  • Regenerate and heal tears of ligaments and tendons more easily.
  • Help the body fight against viruses and bacterial infections.
  • Detoxify your body. By wearing it as a necklace or bracelet, it rids your body of toxins from food, alcohol and pollution.
  • Fight against headaches and migraine.
  • Regulate eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia and limit excess acidity.
  • Alleviate problems with the respiratory system such as asthma, cough, pain in the throat or in the lungs. It will also serve as protection against hay fever!

On the psychic and psychological level

It's astone of great power, able toadapt to the heart and mind of the person wearing it.She continually remains in symbiosis with the cosmos and with humans. You will notice its many powers for:

  • Absorb negativity and transform it into positive waves. Turquoise thus helps fight against negativity by helping you balance and align your chakras.
  • Give back the joy of living and the strength to follow through on your dreams. To say goodbye to depression and be more peaceful, all you need to do is sleep with a turquoise.
  • Find a quiet sleep and ward off nightmares.
  • Protect you when traveling. You may have heard that aviation workers or sailors always take a turquoise with them ... it acts as a real accident protection object.
  • Facilitate communication. Whether it is for concerns about stuttering (in children, place the stone every day for 10 min only on the throat chakra) or for fear when speaking in front of a meeting, this stone helps you gain confidence in oral communication.
  • Maximize your inspiration and creativity. Some say that this stone is also very useful in facilitating the creations of writers and artists.


How to clean and maintain my Turquoise?

Like many stones, it is essential to maintain your turquoise often and to keep a close eye on the condition of your stones.

Reload my Turquoise

You just need to place it in the rays of the moon.

Does your stone change color? Becomes dull?

In this case, we advise you quite simply to give it back its “freedom”, by returning it to the earth. It’s just a sign that she’s exhausted and has nothing more to give you. It is then said to be "extinct".


To go a little further ...

Astrological signs


This stone will be very beneficial to the sign of Scorpio, but to: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces and Aquarius.

Turquoise and the associated Chakras

This stone is mainly associated with the neck and throat chakras.

Placed on the heart chakra, it strengthens friendship and love, while calming anger.

But also :

Do you know that this stone corresponds to the 18th wedding anniversary? Indeed, after 18 years of marriage, it is good to celebrate the wedding of turquoise!

One last tip! To conserve the benefits of your stone, avoid contact with high temperatures, water and household products which could dry out it.


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