What is the root of chakra?

Qu'est-ce que le Chakra Racine ?

First of all, welcome to our blog, especially this article.

This is the first of the new topics we wish to discuss. In the coming months, we will introduce the chakra case in more detail to supplement the articles we have already drafted on this issue. What are the seven chakras? Why balance them?

The purpose of these articles is to tell you more about ChakraDialog box, in order to be able to locate them, understand their purpose, detect possible dysfunction, and learn how to rebalance them.

We're about to start a new legend ChakraIt's red It is also known as Chakragen perhaps Muladara In Sanskrit

Semi precious stone

Red Jasmine


Who is chakragen?

It's zakra's anchor, grounded, embodied and physically conscious. When you examine the symbols connected to it, you will find that it consists of a small triangle with its tip down. It's symbolicAnchored and rooted in the earth.

They said it was for the first timeBecause it is the cornerstone of all other chakras, it is a very important balance in order to bring real stability to others.

We're going through this chakra Use our energy and resourcesIn addition, it is because of him that he controls the body temperature.

You notice that his name is not random If the root is unstable, it is impossible to expect harmonious development and perfect biological balance. In this case, it's important to know where it is in order to deal with it better.


Chakragen ID card

"I survived"

Cjakra root ID card  

Metal:It means "iron"Mantra: It means "Lam"Requirements: The meaning of "Earth"Color: The meaning of "red"Music notes: It means "do"Physical meaning: The meaning of "taste"Symbol: Lotus

Perfume or perfume Clove, cedar, musk and vanilla

Endocrine glands Adrenaline plays an important role in the body's temperature balance.

Functions: To survive, that is, to ensure our basic needs, such as hunger, security, desire, work, confidence It's abilityRight here

Body parts: Skeletal system (teeth, bones, nails, spine, lymphatic system, rectum, large intestine, prostate, anus, bladder, rectum, kidney, and ends of the bottom of the body (legs, ankles and feet)


Where's chakragen?

What about chakragen?

Muladara It's at the bottom of our spine. He's between the anus and the genitals


What happens in conscience when the first chakra is the best?

You'll feel it when it's all working at the first chakra level

  • A sense of trust, security and security;
  • A strong anchor now "Here and now" ;
  • Self acceptance, your surroundings, your life;
  • Establish a harmonious relationship with mother, land, money, work, housing, the physical world, and everything that is safe every day.


Chakragen's dysfunction?

How do we find them? Page: 1

Depending on the imbalance, you can feel these experiences to varying degrees:

  • A sense of doubt, fear, insecurity;
  • A view of the physical world, which does not meet the needs, the support needed;
  • Physical resistance decreased, depression, decreased interest in sex, general weakness;
  • self-distrust;
  • (tobacco, alcohol, candy, etc.) a desire centered on material possession or addiction.

Generally speaking, if this chakra is locked or closed, your operation will be Focus on youAbout your own needs Then you can no longer share it with the people around you, and as a perfect master, a selfish character, and sometimes even aggressive.

Then, you'll absorb energy from others, and you may even feel physical problems.

  • constipation
  • Physical disorder
  • Spinal problems;
  • Poor blood circulation in legs


There are two main levels to find the cause of the fault

At the physical level

It can be the result of violent shock, overwork and fatigue.

Spiritual / emotional level

In this regard, we note that A general sense of fear It leads to the rejection of self, life and responsibility.

In a way, you take a victim's position, a feeling that life doesn't bring you what you want. It's a refusal to let go because of fear of suffering When there are scars of the past, childhood is often the case.


How can I balance his roots?

If chakra is not active or not active, it can be revitalized by taking action in the following areas:

Semiprecious stone

Semiprecious stone

  • Carrying or placing stones in meditation: darkness, ruby, coral, garnet, jasmine, smog, quartz
  • Through sports related to sports or other leisure activities (repair, gardening, cooking...)
  • Walking barefoot in nature, reconnecting on the grass.
  • Do yoga, test knees, exercise chest, try pincers position, half pincers, tortoise, fish
  • Listen to music, especially percussion and serious sounds.
  • The essential oil is used to process cedar, patchouli and cinnamon.
  • Rebalance energy through psychiatry and plant reflexes
  • Focus first on breathing, then on chakragen


So, do you understandHow to detect this chakra fault in especial How to stimulate and open it?

We hope you like this little file and we will meet with you soon to continue this discovery with the holy chakra!

If you want to add information, please give us a comment to further elaborate on a specific problem. Do you think you can do this completely?

In the meantime, I wish you a happy week. See you next Tuesday!

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July 07, 2019

est-ce le premier chakra qui éclaire et permet l’énergie sexuelle d’être bien épanouie? En tous cas, je le ressens comme étant la base qui a besoin d’être solide bien affirmée, pour permettre aux autres chakras de bien s’épanouir… c"est aussi celui qui permet une certaine solidité psychique et spirituelle pour poursuivre- tâche incessante-l’épanouissement de tout l’être.
merci de compléter mes connaissances sur son importance en relation avec l’énergie et l’harmonie sexuelle. MERCI

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