What is the purpose of Sacred Chakra?

À quoi sert le Chakra Sacré ?

Here we are again together for the reading of a new article in our blog dedicated to Asian culture and crafts.

The entire Craftsman of Asia team decided to make you discover each of the 7 Chakras. So last month we presented you a first article dedicated to first Chakra : What is Chakra Root?

This week, we invite you to discover more about the 2nd Chakra, the Sacred Chakra.

Thus, you will be able to locate it, detect whether or not its operation is optimal and if not, know how to rebalance it.

Known asSvadhistanain Sanskrit, it is also sometimes called Lumbar Chakra. Ahead of all to discover more about it!

Orange calcite pendantPendant 7 Chakras in Calcite Orange


The Sacred Chakra, who is it?

It is considered to be the Chakra of imagination, family, sexuality and openness to others.

This Chakra is mainly connected to pleasure in all its forms.

Whether through sensations, carnal pleasure, food or emotions. The definition of its name in Sanskrit speaks for itself, since it means: "place of sweetness."

When Sacred Chakra is perfectly balanced you are then in a stable and harmonious relationship with all that surrounds you, you get quite to expressing your feelings in a natural way.

On the contrary, if you feel an unusual containment, anger, overactive emotions, it may be upset.




Sacred Chakra  

Metal:Tin -Mantra:VAM -Element:Water -Colour:Orange -Musical note:Re -Physical meaning:Taste -Symbol:6-petal lotus

Essential oils and incense:sandalwood, ginger, ylang-ylang

Glands:ovaries and testes

Function:pleasure, desire, procreation, expression of feelings and emotions

Body parts:the pelvis, the genitals and more generally the reproductive system, the kidneys, the bladder and all that is liquid (sperm, lymph, blood, gastric juice)


Where is the Sacred Chakra?

Sacred Chakra

Svadhistana is located between the pubis and the navel. It is related to the body functions that correspond to the fluids of our body: urine elimination, blood circulation, menstruation, amniotic fluid, semen...

This second Chakra have one female energy via the ability of the female body to give life via amniotic fluid, thus water.


What happens in the consciousness when the Sacred Chakra is perfectly balanced?

When everything is working properly at the 2nd Chakra, you:

  • Let go more easily;
  • Feel and manage your emotions and feelings better;
  • You trust more and take care of yourself:
  • Be comfortable with your entourage;
  • Free yourself without problems from your frustrations;
  • Have energy to resell and stay non-stop on alert;
  • You feel more balanced both physically and emotionally.


Dysfunctions of Sacred Chakra

How to detect them?

When your Sacred Chakra is blocked or closed, you can detect malfunctions:

At the spiritual and emotional level:

  • Have a lack of confidence in you;
  • Feel guilt;
  • Feeling that your life is very sad;
  • Be more sensitive than usual;
  • Hiding behind aggressiveness...

Basically, if you tend to take all the mistakes on you and you feel like a victim, there is a strong chance that your 2nd Chakra is not properly balanced.

But also at the physical level:

  • Problems in the womb;
  • Stiffness at the lower back;
  • Kidney and bladder stones;
  • Impotence;
  • Frigidity.

    What are the causes?

    All these malfunctions may include:

    • lack of sleep,
    • a violent and painful sexual act,
    • an accumulation of disappointment through betrayal, abandonment, humiliation,
    • too many memories of a painful past,
    • of a greater need than ever to devaluate oneself.


    How to treat his Sacred Chakra?

    YesSvadhistana seems blocked or not active enough, it is possible to reactivate it, then you can:

    Semi-precious natural stones 7 Chakras

    Semi-precious natural stones 7 Chakras

    • Get closer to the water element by taking for example meditative showers where you become aware of the action of completely cleaning yourself and eliminating everything that pollutes you. Imagine that all negative things come out of your body, flow along your body and finally disappear.
    • To grant you breaks near water points (unrestrained sea, river, waterfall, lake...).
    • Work certain positions of Yoga such as clamp, turtle, fish, hero, lying diamond...
    • Attract of release your emotions to the best of your ability alone or through the assistance of a specialist practitioner in traditional Chinese medicine, Reiki, plantar reflexology.
    • Use of essential oils in diffusion (santal, ylang-ylang).
    • You let go to creative activities and of rest moments.
    • Free you from family pressure and learn to trust you.
    • To interest you to the powers of stones : amber, orange calcite, orange jasp, cornaline and fire opal.
    • Listening to music having a serious medium sound: the organ, the piano, the sound of water...

    And again and again: give you moments of meditation.

    For this you have apps available on smartphones, books, videos on Youtube or even collective sessions organized in some old ones.

    So you can focus on your 2nd Chakra and take the time to feel what you need, understand your blockages and think about possible solutions to regain optimal well-being.

    Mala Chakra Sacred

    Meditation Mala - Sacred Chakra


    So, have you learned new things about Sacred Chakra ?

    We hope this article has answered some of your questions and you have a little awake on the subject.

    If you need additional information about this or if you would like to add a specific comment, please leave us a brief comment below.

    In the meantime, we wish you a very good week!

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