What is jade? Everything you need to know: origin, meaning, virtue and profit.

Qu'est-ce que le Jade ? Tout ce que vous devez savoir : origine, signification, vertus et bénéfices.

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JadeProtecting stone is a symbol of wisdom, purity, harmony and power. He has Heart virtue Charity, humility, courage, justice and wisdom. Choose this stone His Porter dispelled evil and attracted good luck and friendship! Do you want to know more about him?

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The origin and history of jade


in China

Jade is used to make art. When a Chinese person owns a piece of jewelry or any other itemJadeHe wanted the dignity of the Empire.

  • 6000-5000 years ago

Royal Pierre The best thing is, in China, we have been based on this at this time Jade

  • JC 3000-2000

In Liang Zhu culture Jade For etiquette After they died, the VIPs were filled with Jade It depends on one's social status.

  • eighteenth century

Chinese Emperor Qianlong Mineral So passionate, he accumulated a lot of JadePage: 1 In subsequent wars and invasions, the treasure was taken away and scattered around the world.


Jade For the treatment of renal pain and renal colitis.


This is a stone symbolizing the emperor, who had a scepter Jade Each prince also received jade tablets according to his level:

  • first row: A long board with two pillars engraved with columns;
  • Second row: A long table and a standing man
  • Third row A curved man's long board
  • Fourth row An annular flat plate including millet;
  • Fifth row A ring-shaped plate engraved with Jones leaves


From the perspective of culture nephritis This is a very important stone: it is protected and its development is limited. Mineral It has been used in cutting tools, axes, gold jewelry and even diplomatic gifts.

Among the Mayans, olmerks, tolteks, Aztecs, and North American Indians

Jade It also played an important role. Like many elements used in Chinese culture (fireworks, chopsticks, Feng Shui), Jade This is a stone that is becoming more and more popular in the West.

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This stone is used for ornaments and jewelry. 

Green jade pendant

Blue jade or white jade dragon ball

What does his name mean?

Whatever it is Jade, nephritis or yellowAll of these terms have the same origin.

We owe the Spanish conquistadors of the 15th century the word "jade" Spanish derivatives 'Ijada Piedre' Literally, it's a stone "Rabbit nephritis" (nephritis) His name refers to the Indian belief that jade is used to treat kidney disease.

Jade But he was famous in China for a long time. In China, many medical virtues have been associated with him.


Characteristics of jade minerals

There are two kinds of jade


It is composed of calcium silicate and magnesium.
stone Jade nephritis It belongs to amphibian group
It can be green, brown, yellow, gray or white. Sometimes there are tides

The company is mainly a variety of silicate. The hardness is between 5-6 and the density is between 3-3.2.


She's harder to find. This is one gemstonePage: 1 It is composed of calcium silicate and aluminum.

This rock belongs to the rocket group

There are many colors: cream, gray, brown, blue, orange, red Sometimes, we can even find a combination of colors and marble.

It belongs to the silicate family The hardness is 6.5 and the density is 3.3-3.3.

Picus chlorolophus

Dendrocopos darjellensis

We can find translucent opaque jade Prices vary according to transparency and color intensity. A clear stone will be more expensive

Where can I find jade?

Main mineral resources of jade China and Myanmar (Myanmar) However, this is also the case in Canada, Japan, Mexico, Guatemala, New Zealand (Jade Island, South) and the Russian Federation.


The virtue and performance of phototherapy

China jade health ball

China jade health ball

In physics

  • Treatment of kidney and urinary problems: cystitis, stones, incontinence by purifying organs and eliminating waste
  • Control influenza;
  • 1. Strengthen cardiovascular system;
  • Control the problem of excessive inhalation;
  • Oral care
  • 2. Accelerate healing;
  • 3. Promoting fertility;
  • Relieve headache and fever

In terms of emotion and spirit

  • Promote thinking and awakening;
  • Develop and strengthen the feelings of love;
  • 3. Eliminate emotional instability;
  • Eliminate negative thoughts;
  • mind soothe
  • Bring a sense of peace;
  • Harmony with the body


How to maintain jade? Page: 1


If you want, you can put the jade in the salt water.


Put your stones in the sun or on a pile of quartz.



Go a little further

White jade Ma La Bracelet

White jade bracelet



The stone Linked to Gemini, Leo, Libra and Capricorn

Jade and partners

stay San chakra About infertility Third eye chakra Migraine and Solar plexus For the package


Jade marriage symbolize the 26th wedding anniversary.


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Jade ornaments of the zodiac in China

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