Perfect and imperfect art in Japan

Wabi sabi : l’art japonais de la perfection et de l’imperfection

this WABI ShabiThe perfection and imperfection of Japanese art are more and more accepted by Westerners. This emphasis on imperfect aspects of things applies to many areas. This concept is based on the principles of Buddhism and Taoism. It's about vasabi

WABI Shabi

A very old concept

"Vapisabi" has both aesthetic and artistic connections. spiritIt could have been 12 centuries ago It also appeared in Japanese literature in the 15th century. WABI mentioned humbledialog box lonely and melancholySabi remembers change and Decay caused by time wearPage: 1 It's a state of mind and aesthetics of sand, rock and foam.

Sabi's WABI is also related to Sabi's history. Tea party ceremony Japanese customs He is the host of the tea party A journey of a thousand milesThis will adapt the ceremony to the sensitivity of Japan It is said that the tea master was responsible for cleaning the garden for a long time. After finishing the cleaning, the cherry blossoms fell on the ground. This defect is the root cause of wasabi

This change is significant because the tea ceremony is from China and was initially based on luxury goods. Japan's approach has shifted to the use of rougher hand tools. Rikyu even changed the wedding garden to look like a farmer's hut.

This concept still applies today to traditional tea ceremonies, where imperfect, repaired utensils are used to decorate unnecessary decorations. People often use a cup of tea decades or even hundreds of years ago. These appliances are usually marked to prove their multiple uses.

These established principles are designed to guide existence, to make people realize what is imperfect and perishable. Beauty comes from uglinessPage: 1 Natural observation can highlight neglected details.

Some experts describe WABI Sabi as a concept that emphasizes uniqueness rather than unity. This concept can influence the way you organize and the way you live. Because everyone has his own personality, so everyone has his own way to turn the passage of time into his own life. Everyone brings what they need to make her happy. And the superfluous things make him unable to achieve peace.

Shabby and art

WABI Shabi right Japanese ArtPage: 1 The short side of beauty is often reminded. this The concept of imperfect beauty It's part of Japanese culture. Poetry also has a culture of humility and imperfection. In some haikus, its structure is well suited to express the beauty of the moment in a very short time. Haijiu looks like an interpretable painting.

Flower art is also related to vasabi We found this art in the simplification of a flower in a vase. Ikebana, flower art, based on asymmetry. Flower compositions are designed to show beauty by eliminating excess and observing nature. In a land prone to volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, it's important to capture the simplicity of this moment.

In Zen garden, one can see the sensitivity of the flow of time. Bubbles symbolize the passage of time, like young shrubs and petals. As for them, sand and stone represent the eternal side of things.

Repair object

Restored items are an integral part of the WABI Sabi concept. According to object repair technology Jinshan CityAmong them, the gold powder is applied to the marks and cracks of long-term used instruments. This is a long-standing tradition, in this era, recycling is an honor. These appliances are not discarded, they continue to be used.

In doing so, the craftsmen drew inspiration from vasabi to adapt to the passage of time, and found a function to adapt to the wear and tear of time. Kintsugi was also given an example in medicine, when it was time to demonstrate the function of the body, which still lives with all the trauma it has suffered. In this way, art becomes Elastic symbolIt's represented by getting stronger and more beautiful through the wound.

Interior decoration

There it is Interior decoration The impact of WABI Sabi may appear in the most specific way. It's a process of organizing and decorating, bearing in mind that imperfections and simplicity can make the interior a better place. Comfort and peacePage: 1 Of course, it is incomprehensible that maintenance and organization must be completely evacuated.

It is important to choose simple natural shapes and colors to illustrate this concept when applying Sabi WABI. Wood, stone and untreated glass fit this idea. Decorations can use items you have for a long time that show signs of wear and tear.

Vapisabi, helping life

Shabby is an art Help to accept daily lifePage: 1 The form and spirit of this concept are the two foundations of daily life. Shape represents the form of matter, which is expressed in objects and the way they are organized in our environment. The thought has something to do with the philosophy of vasabi.

Combining the shape and spirit of vapisabi, you can learn to accept life simply and humbly, while enjoying the natural beauty around you. Anyone who uses this concept will feel the happiness that ordinary people can't feel. In front of scenery or objects, as well as in the moment of sharing with friends or relatives, you can feel these tiny happiness.

This state of mind requires you Pay attention to the details Everything around, whether it's people or objects. You're going to start distinguishing the flaws in your face, which are actually just traces of events that have happened in a lifetime.

Learn from professional translators, companies, web pages and freely accessible translation databases. If you are a perfect person, the process may be longer. In this case, you lose a lot of energy to organize everything perfectly, and the pressure of your peers can swallow you up, and it's easier to accept common defects.

Turn to someone else

This concept requires people to practice looking at beautiful things that look broken. harmoniousPage: 1 For example, a nail nailed to a wall can prove that a past and a story can represent a stage in your life. Similarly, an old chair is more comforting and comfortable than a new one.

According to WABI Shabi Learn to meet your needs. You also have to know how to turn to others. To focus on the essentials and get rid of the superfluous, sort through everything you own. The high consumption and accumulation of goods and objects end up diverting you from the essentials. The wabi sabi asks both to better organize existence and to stop cluttering up unnecessary objects.

With training, it becomes easier to focus on the essentials and gradually create small pleasures that improve life. You can keep a notebook to help you focus your thoughts on the small benefits that each day brings you. You also have to get used to practice gratitude, which makes it possible to notice all that life can bring positive.

Just as it is important to learn to observe your environment, you must also develop the reflex to observe yourself. If you look at yourself in a mirror, you will see the marks that time has left on the face and that accumulate more and more as you age, whether it is wrinkles or dark circles. You become aware that, like everything around you, there is nothing permanent about you.

By accepting the imperfections that appear as the years pass, you will be able to accept your imperfections and detect beauty. If you take the time to examine your face, you will see that these imperfections are the testimony of your humanity. Your personality can also be viewed from the wabi sabi. It is recommended not to try absolutely to correct its defects but rather to focus on its qualities.


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