Asian handicraft Foundation

« We don't inherit our parents' land, we lend them to our children. »
Antoine de Saint Exupery


Why do Asian craftsmen promise :

Over the years, Asian craftsmen have provided handicrafts to thousands of people in our community. Our mission is to promote the awakening and spiritual development of all our members through our jewelry, Maras, statues and other spiritual objects.

Semi precious stones, precious metals, precious wood and materials for our product design all come from our mother

Therefore, it is normal for Asian craftsmen to protect our environment and inherit our cultural heritage.

This is the circle of life.

United Nations Children's Fund handicraft industry Handicraft

Contribution of Asian craftsmen :

The Asian craftsmen association is committed to returning part of our profits to charities such as UNICEF, Karuna Schering (Mathieu rikal Association, doctors without borders) and other local charities working for children and the poorest in Asia.

In addition to donations to charities, every order Handicrafts More than 200 craftsmen in China, Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam, India, Cambodia and Thailand have been helped to develop their activities and employment.


Our goal: maintenance, promotion, mobilization, help!

It is our commitment to Asian craftsmen to work hard for human beings and the environment, while maintaining and developing Asian traditions and cultural heritage!