We recommend 100% mortgage or repayment of "all our products (except... Except handmade products). 
In order to satisfy you completely, we have formulated a simple return policy

There are four possibilities :

1. You want to cancel or modify your command :

We will process your order quickly, usually within 24 / 48 hours. Therefore, within 12 hours of ordering, you can send a change email to

After that, the object has been sent

2. You didn't receive your package. :

Our average delivery time is 5 to 12 days. 
If you are not in Europe, please arrange a few more days before receiving your items.

contact us This is an article that has not been received.

3. You have received your article, but you are not satisfied. : 
don't worry You can return your article to 14 days later.

Here's how to do it Three steps :

Contact media Let us know you want to go back
We'll tell you the procedure for the return
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After receiving the goods in our warehouse, we will repay you all the purchase expenses ("product cost + delivery fee") in the form of purchase order, which will be used in our warehouse for an indefinite period.

The return fee is for your account

Page: 1 VWe received your thing, but it was damaged. : 
Unfortunately, traffic accidents sometimes damage your package

In this case or in the case of a design defect, please contact us Details are as follows:

Your command number 
Description of the problem (...) 
Photo or video 
You do not need to return the product, we will refund your order amount directly in the form of purchase order.It's used in our store, no datelimit.