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From: Constantin d´Artisan d’Asie
The 04/24/2016

Hello dear visitor,

We are touched by the many thank you emails, and the very personal stories we receive, all of these transformations inspire us.
Today we have therefore decided to share with you in the following few lines our story, and the journey of Asian Craftsman.

Good reading !

Chapter 1: In Search of Happiness

Our story begins in 2015.

Yongshuo and I work 10 hours a day, and we spend over two and a half hours on public transport every day. A frantic pace, in the great Asian megalopolis of Hong Kong. Like many others with this lifestyle, we have little time for ourselves, our families and our friends.

Our physical well-being and our mental health were literally in danger.
I risked burnout. Today, in hindsight, I see how lucky I was at the turn of 2015. If I hadn't had that click, I would have been another victim of this scourge.

Before the situation got critical, We decided to go on a trip and visit Asia. We needed freedom.
We wanted to go back to simple things, to regain a taste for life. Observe the sunrise and sunset. Touching Stones, Trees, Smelling Flowers. In short, to feel reconnected to life.

This spiritual quest led us to study Confucianism, Buddhism and Hinduism. Little by little we started to find our way.

Chapter 2: A Mission

It was in 2016 that we had our revelation. We met “Tenshin”, a Buddhist monk who explained to us the importance of having a personal landmark, a marker.

Something unique to each individual, a symbolic object that could become a touchstone, an anchor.
And all of a sudden it was crystal clear:

Sharing our passion for Buddhism, Zen and meditation, art, jewelry and decoration on the internet and allowing thousands to see their lives change, to take the same journey as us, that was our mission.

Passionate about art, history and culture, but not being “artists” or “creators”, we want to introduce the world to the works of art and creations of small local artists and artisans.

All typical and authentic Asian products have a history and a particular use on well-being, on spirituality. These products are not made just for their aesthetics, they are symbols of Asian spirituality and each have a deep meaning.

Chapter 3: The Craftsmen of Asia

We then began to work to manifest this desire.
It was not easy at the start. Our path was marked with obstacles.
First we had to find quality craftsmen and artists. We wanted to offer high-end products from the start, and change the perception of “Made in China” in the West. We especially did not want to sell "chinoiserie" as we often hear.

Many of our partner artisans are the result of encounters made during travels across Asia. These are artists that we have discovered and with whom we have a relationship of trust. They understand that our mission is to make their art known and lasting.

Once we were able to collaborate with the right craftsmen, it was not yet won!

By embarking on this adventure, Yongshuo and I took a real risk.
On the internet, quality artisanal and traditional products are sometimes neglected to the detriment of “low-end” products for the general public, manufactured in the factory. These are the same products that can be found in supermarkets or some specialty stores.
Obviously, this perpetuates the negative assumption about the quality of Asian products.
We had to fight these two problems at the same time.

But we had our love as a compass, and the compass pointed east.
The ultimate goal was to share our vision and our love for Asia, its culture and especially the products with multiple virtues that Asia abounds so much.
To get there we had to put in place a real strategy and work very hard.

Chapter 4: Quality over quantity

We have developed a strict and rigorous selection process for our partners.
Today all our products are from fair and responsible trade.
We are one of the few online stores that can say this.
We focus on quality, not quantity.
We even recently created a warehouse so that we can store products, photograph them and deliver them to you faster.
We do everything in our power to provide you with an unforgettable and personalized experience.
You can contact us by email and phone, and some of our collections are even guaranteed for life.

But you probably know that setting up and running an online store is not easy. We have competitors who are sometimes unethical.
In recent years we have therefore seen an increase in unfair competition.
Many sites now promote "handmade" products which are actually low quality factory made products.

Our passion and our seriousness all the same make an undeniable difference, and the last three years, we have succeeded in uniting a cosmopolitan community of enthusiasts of Asian culture and well-being. This has even earned us being cited in prestigious magazines (Madame Le Figaro, Marie France, Yoga Journal, Asian Art Museum in Paris, etc.)

The best is yet to come for Artisan d'Asie.

Chapter 5: The Foothold of a Community

Today at Artisan D'Asie we are certain that we have a bright future ahead of us. We are committed to helping all human beings find a way to reconnect with themselves. Each piece we offer aims to forge a personal bond with the wearer, in order to become a landmark to which he can return over and over again, as he attempts to conquer the many milestones of a richer spiritual life.

The 3 Values ​​we share are as follows:

Know thyself -
Confucius said: "Better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles". Our mission is to help you reconnect with yourself.

Unique and resilient -
Each piece created is unique and made to last, handmade in our workshops by dedicated craftsmen.

Natural and traditional -
We offer natural and traditional methods to heal minds and bodies.

Thank you for the trust you place in us, and enjoy your visit to the site!


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