9 Reasons to Buy Handicraft Products

9 Raisons d’Acheter des Produits issus de l’Artisanat

Why buy Artisanal? The answer in 9 points:


We are living in a strange time ...

A time when people want to differentiate themselves by their style and appearance, while buying and consuming the same mass-produced products on Chinese or Asian production lines, or even European and American.

A time when people are willing to fork out a tidy sum of money for electronics or designer clothes (for example), to look "cool" and be recognized socially. They decorate their homes with the same furniture and items sold by the same store, but in different corners of the earth, and all these "things" will become unusable or obsolete in a few years ...

And then, hop, we left for a ride! I know, it's depressing ... And it's called "the consumer society".

But fortunately, a handful of diehard consumers (more and more numerous) are waking up and turning to more sustainable and ecological solutions and products, of better quality, and even unique in some cases: This solution? Handicrafts.


Not convinced ? Here are 9 reasons to consume and buy artisanal products:


1) You get something exclusive, unique and personalized

Buying crafts is also buying the exclusivity and uniqueness, traditional, authentic and personalized character of a product. You are not buying something that a million other people already own. Whether for yourself, or to be offered, you know that this product was made with passion and love, using quality materials, methods and valuable know-how dating back several hundred (or thousands). years!
Chances are, 99% of the people you meet won't be able to recognize its provenance or brand, and that's exactly what is "cool"! ;)


2) You are buying a durable good

Whether it is furniture, decoration, clothing or accessories, craftsmanship is above all the art of creating a product that has been designed to last, and not to be "consumed" or having an obsolescence. programmed. So you will pay more for your product, of course, but you will keep it longer. It’s also a matter of perspective ...


3) You contribute to the development and establishment of a new economic model

Having unique and resistant “tips” is cool… But participating and proactively helping the development of a healthy and sustainable economic model, while supporting crafts and small artisans or local communities, it is still more cool !



4) You help the development and transmission of know-how and tradition

You help to perpetuate a know-how promoting the art, craftsmanship and culture of a city, region or country and its identity. Do you know Pianos Pleyel? In short, Pleyel was a French piano factory founded in 1807 (the oldest in the world). This company has created masterpieces, such as two pianos specially designed for Chopin. In 2013, this company had to shut down due to too few orders ... It’s a shame, right ???


5) You contribute to sustainable development and the preservation of the environment

Sounds a bit cliché, I know ... But it's so true! All the points mentioned above mean that by buying products from handicrafts, you limit greenhouse gas emissions, and do not enter the cycle of "Consume to exist". No need to buy furniture or decoration in a few years, or version 2.0 (and so on…). No, with artisanal products, in some cases, you keep these products for life, or even through several generations. As Jacques Delors said "The consumer society has privileged having to the detriment of being".


6) You know the origin of the products

Ok ok… That also sounds cliché. But by buying handcrafted things, you avoid buying products made by big, unscrupulous multinationals who exploit people (be it a little Chinese boy in a factory, or even you or your neighbor who worked hard. to buy yourself something you don't really need), without really worrying about their future, or the impact that their product or the imposed consumption pattern may have on our dear planet or our existence.



7) you support diversity

Imagine if all our clothes, all our cars, all our furniture, all our decoration looked the same and were the same ... Soon we will also be told what to think, what to say or not? But wait, isn't that what's already happening ?! Okay, okay, I’m shutting up…!


8) You promote human relationships

By focusing on craftsmanship, you create a relationship with a person. It doesn't matter where she is, whatever role she played in obtaining this product. Art, craftsmanship and culture are above all a passion, a story of love and of the heart: A story of women and men! Without this and without these people, this passion could not be transmitted.


9) You help spread culture, art and know-how around you

By buying crafts, you help spread the values ​​and traditions of an art or craft to those around you. Take for example China (by chance!), This great country is full of ethnic groups, artisans and artists spread over the 4 corners of its territory. Contrary to what many people may believe, Chinese art is not limited to Buddha statues, calligraphy and water paintings, ceramics or jade jewelry. By buying unique and original Chinese objects that few people have, you are therefore allowing people around you to discover things that they did not necessarily know. This is also sharing!


To conclude, craftsmanship is a concrete means of developing and sustaining a unique know-how of a country, region or city, often a guarantee of quality and identity. It is also an important sector which helps to train and employ young talent. Long denigrate and undervalue, training in crafts through apprenticeship is now one of the priorities for the French government (Source: 20Minutes.fr). We must not forget that in many countries such as France for example, the artisanal sector is the number one employer. At European level, 98% of businesses are artisanal businesses (Source: Artisanat.fr).

Nowadays, crafts are even easier to access, thanks to groups of craftsmen, the Internet and marketplaces such asEtsy, allowing small artisans around the world to promote their products and their art. No more excuses, therefore, now, shopping for artisanal products and contributing to a different way of consuming is within everyone's reach!

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