What is sandalwood? Uses and virtues

Qu'est-ce que le bois de santal ? Utilisations et vertus

On April 10, we saw the properties of the Obsidian. This week, I propose to continue our discovery of noble materials through this new article which deals with uses and virtues of sandalwood.

We will therefore look together at sandalwoodand see more closely what he can reveal to us!

Very easy to recognize, sandalwood is delicately scented, which makes it a very good element for everything related to perfumery and cosmetology.

But this is not all, as we will see, it is used in many ways and through different accessories and articles. On this occasion, I will share with you some of the products available on our site.


Origin and History


According to certain texts and stories, the santal was once used in many ways, let's get right back into the heart of the subject.

A Mixture to Wash Away Sins

In Burma, according to custom, women sprinkled each individual with a mixture of rose water and sandalwood to wash his body and mind of the possible sins he had committed.

Embalming princes

From the ninth century, the sandalwood was used to hire the deceased princes of Ceylon.

Buddhism and integral incense

The santal is one of the three full incense, with:

  • Agar wood (also called Oud wood). On this occasion if you want to discover what you need to know to buy Oud wood, I invite you to read this very interesting article.
  • And, the clove nail

Manufacture of furniture

During ancient times, sandalwood was used in the manufacture of furniture. Indeed, its fragrance thus allowed to repel insects and thus to protect the wood from their attacks.

The minute info of the blog

This tree that believes in India is now used in many areas.

Well known all over the world, it is from Santal wood (Santalum album) and from its roots that we draw the essences used today.

It must be known that in order to carry out the extraction of this natural petrol it is then necessary to slaughter the santal tree. This can only be done if he is at least 20 years of age, since the circumference of his trunk must have reached the minimum 50 cm.


Multiple uses of sandalwood

In medicine

In Ayurvedic medicine, the essential oil of santal is widely used to treat anxiety attacks.

The two main constituents of the'sandalwood essence are beta-santalol and alpha-santalol.

It affects the nervous, lymphatic and cardiovascular systems and can treat cough, chronic bronchitis, cystitis, depression and many other ailments.

The associated properties and benefits are: soothing, antiseptic, decongestant, regenerative, analgesic and antidepressant.

In cosmetics

They find sandalwood in certain beauty masks worn by women of East African cultures such as women in the Comoros or Mozambique. In Comorian this mask is named: msindanu, it represents a true traditional ornament.

Through Religion

You can quite easily find sandalwood statuettes. Indeed, in Hinduism, santal is very often used, especially during rituals and religious ceremonies.

It is also a common recipe for embalming pastaThis is the famous mark that many Hindus carry in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows and symbolizes the third eye (self-knowledge).

During the practice of meditation

It is advisable to switch on incense scent santal during a meditation session in order to keep all his attention more easily. Moreover, in Buddhism, the santal is one of the Padma (lotus) and can be used as offering to Buddha.

This incense is regularly lit in temples or at cults.


Sandalwood and its various forms

As you have understood, this is a subject widely used in many fields, always with the aim of acting on ease. This is why you will also find several representations and forms of sandalwood.

Incense and sandalwood resins


Incense sticks with sandalwood

Ideal for the purification of your interior, they will also make it possible to facilitating concentration and of regain a certain serenity.

They broadcast a delicate smell of natural wood which remains light so as not to hurt your head.

Malas in sandalwood


The malawhich can be considered as a rosary is worn as jewel, it is also widely used during the recitation of mantras. It has an effect anti-stress and allows you to relax quickly. It is an excellent remedy for combating insomnia and find a calm and resourcing sleep.

Discover our range of malas necklacesand wooden malas bracelets.

Sandalwood powder

It is widely used in cosmetics for scrubbing skin prone to buttons, redness or irritation. It allows you to clean your face naturally, without assaulting your skin.

Statuettes and other decorative objects



In general rich in tradition and symbolism, these handicraft decorative objects bring a side Feng Shui and exotic inside.

You will find an important choice of Buddha wooden statues and of Asian statues in wood.

Health balls Qi Gong



Used for medical and therapeutic purposes, but also as a decorative object, these Chinese bowls (called also baoding) are an excellent way to relax and relax in a natural way.

Just take the 2 balls Qi Gong in one hand and carry out rotations of the balls on themselves for about ten minutes.

Essential sandalwood oil

As we have seen above, its soothing and anti-stress properties are highly appreciated. Always use with caution and in accordance with the indicated dosage regimen. Ele is most often used by mixing it with a care, a massage oil or even via a few drops added to the bath water.

Perfume and hydrolat oil in cosmetics

The oil is mainly used for making soap or after-shaving, for example.

The hydrolat, for its part, is much less concentrated in active principles and is used in particular in lotion for toning and treating dry or dehydrated skins. Very useful also to treat certain skin problems such as acne, psoriasis or eczema.

Orally it acts toboosting physical, mental and sexual energy. It also treats poor blood circulation, cellulite and urinary tract infections.


This is already the end of this new article, I hope you liked it!

Do not hesitate to ask me all your questions or leave me a little comment on a possible topic that you would like to see addressed on our blog.

In the meantime, I wish you all a good week and see you next Tuesday!


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marie-christine vigouroux

marie-christine vigouroux

August 20, 2020

merci pour ces renseignements clairs et précis. ça répond exactement à mon questionnement.



February 20, 2020

C’est curieux ,je ressent une sensation étrange quand je porte un chapelet en bois de santal .très benefique .



July 08, 2019

Bonjour 👋

J’ai lu votre article fort intéressant… Toutefois, assez orienté sur l’Asie quant à l’origine de ce bois précieux… Et, cela, bien que toutes les recherches archéologiques ne démontre pas une origine certaine.

Vous ne faites aucune allusion à la Bible qui, cependant, cite ce précieux bois en 1Rois 10:11-12, en rapport avec le roi Salomon et la reine de Séba… Pourquoi ?

«Les navires de Hiram, qui apportèrent de l’or d’Ophir, amenèrent aussi d’Ophir une grande quantité de bois de santal et des pierres précieuses. Le roi fit avec le bois de santal des balustrades pour la maison de l’Eternel et pour la maison du roi, et des harpes et des luths pour les chantres. Il ne vint plus de ce bois de santal, et on n’en a plus vu jusqu’à ce jour.» (‭‭1Rois‬ ‭10:11-12‬)‬‬

Vous savez bien pourtant, que lorsque l’on exerce une recherche historiographique et/ou scientifique, nous ne devons pas faire jouer nos aprioris religieux et politiques… Car, il est bien évident que cette déficience déontologique ne sert personne mais fausse la réalité fondamentale des sujets traités…

Et, c’est bien là, le grave défaut de nos journalistes d’aujourd’hui, hélas pour la Vérité.



September 30, 2018

Que penser vous pour le repousse des cheveux,, en se moment on en parle sur Internet ,, merci de votre réponse

cadiou joseph

cadiou joseph

September 30, 2018

bonjour a tous que panser du bois santal dans la repousse des cheveux , docteur ralf paus merci de vos avis

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