Who is Takata Buddha? His life, his history and his lessons

Qui est Bouddha Gautama ? Sa vie, son histoire et ses enseignements...

A few days ago, we recommended an article to help you Choose your Buddha decoration or meditation

In Europe, few people really know Who is BuddhaPeople usually buy a sculpture for beautiful objects without worrying about its history and benefits. Let me tell you, this is a serious mistake!

In fact, you can't easily choose your own Buddha. So I decided to introduce it to you in a few articles The most popular Buddha 

That's how I started today, and I want to tell you more about it Takata Buddha ('also called ') Shakyamuni). 

So I will introduce his history to you through his youth, his awakening, his personality and the lessons learned from his life.

Quick presentation

BuddhismIn other words, hereSidhart Gotama shakimonyIt is reported that he lived in northern India in 566 BC.

He was born in the Royal universe Her father, sudana, ruled the kingdom of Sakya, and her mother was queen Maya.

Many Buddhists, also known as awakening, track their lives through four specific steps:

  • birth
  • His awakening
  • His first sermon
  • He disappeared completely.


Takata's birth and life

Pure copper Buddha statue



It is reported that he was born in limbini on kapilavatsu highway in 566 BC.

history Her birth was very specialShe is described as a continuation of a dream her mother had.

In fact, legend has it that the Mayan queen dreamed that she was hit by a six defending white elephant. The next day she was pregnant

He also said she would give birth standing up, hanging from a branch.

As soon as he went out And the child just stood up Take possession of the universe immediately

A week after the incident, the queen died and the children were handed over to her sister and wife.Gautam.

His life

Takayama It was only because of his own efforts that he was awakened, which made him a perceptual man. It's amazing He invited everyone to follow his example step by step in order to awaken through his teaching.

Some texts seem to think that Buddhism Should have known The first meditation experiment arrive Jhana I At his father's ceremony, he was still a young child.

He married the princess at the age of 16AsiodalaWho did he have a name withLahura.

For the first 29 years, Buddha spent time practicing how to use a bow like a real bow. Kostyria (warrior caste) The future king, he has the responsibility to protect himself from the eyes of others, from pain and death. This is all the time he spent in the family palace.

He benefited from the luxury of life, but he quickly Face the reality and Human suffering During the period of 4. Special eventsWe will see that in his teaching.

His death

Instead of talking about death, we talk more about it. Total or final disappearance The date is rather rough, but reach He was reported to have died in northern India at the age of 80.

The story tells of his last breath, lying on the right, meditating and smiling.

The last sentence is:
All structural energy is waterproof, work effectively, concentrate, pay attention to thought“


The main doctrines of Buddhism

Bronze Buddha statue

Bronze Buddha statue

Buddha has always advocated that everyone can wake up, and everyone should try to follow his example.

That's why Understanding and understanding phase To this awakening

such Buddhism has been around for nearly 45 years For men and women, regardless of their social class, Buddhism is the same.

Buddha has always insisted on not believing his own words
But test his experience
If someone gives you a piece of gold, you will naturally examine it in all possible ways, if it's real. In the same way, use my teachings to acknowledge their effectiveness and accept them.


Takata Buddha This is a big dissatisfaction in life.

He felt what we call four fantasies Four meetings changed his life forever

They represent The basic doctrines of Buddhism are as follows:

old age

He used to live in his palace, and then he met an old man while walking in a tank. He asked the driver, "what is that?" "He's an old man"

He asked why he was so rude and if he would one day, and he said, "what's the point of being young and energetic, if it all ends like this!"

Through and The old man He is aware of the passage of time and the pain of aging body.


Gautama realizes that the disease is something that everyone has to face, and it can be affected at any time.

This patient is an example of an injured body, no matter how long.


When he saw a body taken to the crematorium, he wanted to know what it was and whether it would happen to him. Of course, he was told it would happen to him.

The body was taken to the wood to show him death and his filth.

Sadhu Island

In India Sadhu is a saintPage: 1 Buddha had the idea that this might be his way to solve the problem.

The hermit made him discover wisdom.

He decided to leave his wife, son and kingdom Join the pursuit of truth and become the upper class seeking solutions.

For six years, Gautama erra has been meeting with prominent religious figures in the Ganges Valley, learning their methods and accepting strict inferiority complex.

Then he found that, despite his drastic approach, he did not know enough about the world. meditation

Wandering alone, he stood by the river and promised Don't get up until you wake up. He spent every night like this focus and Control his mind

Then, one morning, the arrival of lighting, the full awakening finally arrived!


The awakening of Buddha

Buddha statue

Buddha statue

Awakening is the full embodiment of wisdom and compassion. It is through this state West Germany hada, godamah becomes Buddha

So it's a long journey to completion and the end of making it become "People who know"Page: 1 He wanted to Share that feeling Together with others, let the world know what he just went through

Thirty five year old BuddhaThen he wanted to share his teaching until he died, nearly 45 years ago.

He believes that the experience must always be people-oriented and accessible to all.

The Indian prince became the Buddha and the founder of the well-known spiritual tradition, Buddhism.


Personality and appearance

Personality and character

Through various narratives, we can see some common features

  • An efficient and ideal teacher Always find a perfect message to deliver to the audience;
  • A brave man Whatever the situation;
  • Capable people And many areas are perfect.

physical characteristics

Takata Buddha Always represents oneStrong appearance

His skin is golden, his eyes are blue, and his ears are abnormally long.


Blog post

This is where we end up The first introduction to BuddhismPage: 1 I hope you like this article. Please leave me your comments, give me your comments, give me information, or ask me questions. I'd love to answer you!

I'll make an appointment for you to find a new article here next Tuesday.

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le bien est la vie

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Jean Martial Eric Kouzaho

February 20, 2020

Chaleureusement merci toutes informations.



April 24, 2018

Merci pour cette synthèse de la vie de Bouddha, vous allez à l’essentiel et c’est précieux. Namaste.

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