The 7 largest statues of Buddha

Les 7 plus grandes statues de Bouddha

We haven't posted an article on the blog for a while. To catch up with us, we'll take you on a journey through the 7 largest Buddha statues in the world.

To worship their divinity, Buddhists have erected statues as magnificent as they are gigantic all across Asia. Besides, the result is so surprising that many globetrotters are willing to cross an entire country just to discover them. What are they ?

Source Temple Buddha

How to talk about buddha statue without mentioning that of the Temple of the Source, in Zhaocun in China? Standing 153 m high, it is the largest Buddha statue in the world. Perched on a hill, it rises to an altitude of 208 m. In the rankings of the highest statues in the world of all types, she takes second place behind Unity in India and is followed by Laykun Setkyar of Burma.

The Source Temple Buddha statue is made from copper riveted to the frame and weighs nearly 1,000 tons. It cost around 84 billion euros to build it. Long and vast stairs have been built to reach and visit it.

Once up, the lush vegetation surrounding the monument leaves you speechless. Its name is given to it under the influence of the Tianrui Spring, a nearby water point. The latter provides hot water of nearly 60 ° C, well known for its many therapeutic properties.

Laykyun Setkyar

Burma, a country located in Southeast Asia, has a large number of Buddhist believers. As a result, there are many statues of Buddha, including the most imposing, Laykyun Setkyar, located in the Sagaing region 40 minutes from Monywa. In 2018, she took second place in the ranking of the highest statues in the world.

Both imposing and radiant, the building was erected in 1996 and construction was completed in 2008. It measures 116 m with 31 levels which refer to the 31 stages of the life cycle according to the Buddhist tradition. The statue rises to 129m when added to its 13m plinth.

The top of Laykyun Setkyar is accessible by lift and offers a breathtaking panoramic view. Laykyun Setkyar is considered a Daibutsu in the literal sense of “Big Buddha”. Within this religious site are hidden several monuments of Buddha seated under a bodhi tree.

Ushiku Buddha

Passing northeast of Tokyo? It is in the Ibaraki region, in the city of Ushiku that you will contemplate the tallest statue of Buddha in Japan. It rises to 120 m in height and is made of bronze. This masterpiece was built in 1993, becoming the third tallest statue in the world.

The Ushiku Daibutsu monument was built in memory of the Bodhisattva monk Dharmakara, who achieved nirvana on the spot. He then became Amitabha Buddha.

This unparalleled monument can be viewed through Ushiku Arcadia Park and offers a green space where it is possible to picnic under the shade of its cherry trees. He even opens the door of his small farm. The more adventurous can climb up to the statue's chest height to view Mount Fuji and the Tokyo SkyTree.

Sendai Kannon or Sendai Daikannon

If you are staying in Sendai, a city northeast of Tokyo, you will have the opportunity to meet this Buddhist deity. This is Kannon, who is both a bodhisattva and a goddess of compassion.

Built in the years 1991, this statue stands up to 100 m high. Painted entirely in white and perched on a hill, it is easy to spot upon entering the municipality.

The statue can be visited from the inside and features 108 Buddha statues. The upper part of the monument is also accessible as it has an elevator to reach it. On the heights, it offers a breathtaking view of the city of Sendai and the Pacific Ocean.

Guanyin with a thousand hands and a thousand eyes

One of the most visited monuments in Asia, the statue of Guanyin with a Thousand Hands and a Thousand Eyes is as famous as it is gigantic. First of all, it seduces with its unusual architecture, its 20 pairs of arms, the multiplicity of its eyes and its golden color. But above all, with a height of 99 m, you will not be able to miss it! It takes sixth place in the ranking of the highest Buddha statues in the world.


Since its construction in 2009, this representation of the Bodhisattva of Mercy has continued to attract tourists and Buddhists alike. Her name "Guanyin" comes from "Guan Shi Yin", that is to say "She who listens to the complaints of the World".

Great Buddha of Thailand

Called by tourists and locals alike "Giant Buddha", this statue rises to 92m in height and stretches 63m wide. In the list of tallest statues in the world, it takes ninth place, while in Thailand it takes first place.

Besides its colossal size, its surface covered entirely in gold is surprising. Built in 1990, it took 18 years to complete this building. The result is amazing.

The Big Buddha is located within Wat Muang Monastery in Huasaphan, 8 km from Ang Thong. This place of worship is located about 80 km north of Bangkok.

Ashibetsu's Kannon

The last statue, is not the least, measures 88 m in height. It was, from 1989 until 1991, the largest statue in the world. However, with time and the construction of other monuments, it fell to tenth place, which does not exhaust its charm.

Ashibetsu's Kannon represents Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, all in white with a golden halo on his head. Construction began in 1975 in Kita-No-Miyako Park in Ashibetsu commune.

Lotus flowers, which are symbolic plants of Buddha, grow at his feet, marveling the environment. The statue has 20 floors in which there are altars and places to worship in total eight.

Have you ever had the chance to visit one of these statues? Tell us about your experience ...

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