How and why Buddhism is practiced?

Comment et pourquoi pratiquer le bouddhisme ?

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Because this is the most flexible religion!

Buddhism appeared hundreds of years before Christianity, and in India in the fifth century before Christianity. However, it continues to innovate. Unlike Catholicism or other religions, his doctrine is not dogma. After making the rules Buddhism Ask his disciples not to use it after the experiment

Therefore, Buddhism advocates everyone's experience and experience. It doesn't order action, it doesn't ask for conversion, it encourages observation and thinking. No wonder many scientists and psychologists are interested in this religion.

Believe it or not, welcome!

Buddhism is often classified as religion and philosophy, neither of which has a real status. As the Dalai Lama said, on the one hand, it is rejected by religion on the pretext that it is the philosophy of atheists; on the other hand, philosophers associate it with religion. But that uncertainty could be good for him. The Dalai Lama added that it enabled him to bridge the gap between philosophy and religion.

Many people cherish this "God free" religion, which is mainly based on reason, observation and self-consciousness. Buddhism is advocated by "realists" who do not believe in mysticism and supernatural. Buddhism is a spiritual form that accepts all religions without requiring change of faith. We can be Christians and practice Buddhism without any judgment.

Because she only asked for logic

In Christianity, what is important is the belief in the Trinity, that is, the three sacred combinations, one is the incarnation of Jesus Christ, and the other is the promise of life after death. As for Buddhism, it proposes solutions that go beyond logic and thinking. The word "evil" is called original sin in other religions. Buddhism, it refers to cause and effect, or the desire to eliminate fantasy and selfishness.

Another problem that persuades many Buddhists is his ability to relate emotion to physical control. For example, when someone hurts you, in order to forgive you, your spiritual master will suggest that you have a thought, along with some body postures. The latter will keep you away from negative emotions and replace them with positive ones.

Moreover, the power of Buddhist thought is one of the most popular aspects of this theory.

Because it brings nirvana, illumination!

The main purpose of Buddhism is to achieve nirvana. To do this, it is necessary to eliminate all the sources of pain, such as desire, desire and persistence. Various poisons also destroy a person's life, such as greed, anger, ignorance, jealousy or pride. Breaking all these barriers, one can reach nirvana.

It is entirely possible to realize "awakening" and realize internal peace and happiness. Conscious trauma also has the ability to break the karmar cycle and release pain. In order to achieve this ultimate goal, the Buddha made some suggestions to his disciples. Unlike other religions, these instructions may be questioned.

So, how to practice Buddhism?

Unlike other religions, the problem here is not to go to church, temple or monastery. Don't worry! Start by learning and reading books written by real Buddhist teachers. Think about one topic, think about it, and then move on to another.

The most reliable source was written by foshimuni, who described his life and experience. The most important thing is that you have the ability to relate theory to everyday life. Remember, your goal is to achieve light, free from pain and negative fluctuations. It's a private battle, only you have the key.

In addition, Buddhist teachers can also teach you their laws. On the other hand, many people use the Internet to learn more about this belief, but this technology is often not the best! In fact, the Internet is full of false or inaccurate information. It's easy to get lost, especially when you start.

look out! We have to run!

If you start to accept the Enlightenment of Buddhism, you need to contact other spiritual friends. You will also have a chance to meet some vicious people who claim to be masters. However, they did not really grasp the theory. Their only goal is to make money from you, to win fame, or just to compliment their selfishness. Such people are easy to find Stay away from them! Please remember, Buddha has reached the highest wisdom, away from pride, lies and boasting.

There are also institutions that categorize lessons learned as needed. They preach ideas that are good for them and reject others. Those who are interested should also flee, because they will not lead you to the right path.

Get ready before you get to the monastery

After learning some Buddhist thoughts, do you believe in his wisdom? You'll be more charming Meet at the nearest Buddhist Center and share knowledge with other believers If you haven't practiced yet, this is also an opportunity for you to start thinking. Like violent people, the latter are not controlled by simple reading. You need practice and a lot of practice.

Copy this website code to your website to set up a voting box on your website. Visit countries that are interested in Buddhism It's like Thailand, China or Japan A few weeks of practice and even a few days of Buddhist practice provide you with a quiet and even a few days of practice.

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