What is Amethyst? Properties, virtues, benefits and significance

Qu'est-ce que l'Améthyste? Propriétés, vertus, bénéfices et signification

We have been showing you around for several weeks the different natural stones that we use for the design of our jewelry.

We keep telling you, that a Pierre is not chosen at random, it must above all speak to you and correspond to you.

Whether through his history, of its mineralogical characteristics or his virtues, it is essential to opt for a stone that suits you.

In previous articles, we have already introduced you to theAgate, the Garnet, the Turquoise, theObsidian and theEye of tiger.

This week, we invite you to discover Amethyst.


Here we go ! Let's not waste another minute and find out this Pierre which is very regularly used in the form of jewelry, pearls through bracelets, necklaces or pendants.

If you want find balance and serenity,it may beamethystwhich you need !

bracelet 7 chakras amethyst


Origin and History

In the old days

In the past, many stories report that this natural stone was used as chalice during banquets for avoid any poisoning attempt. 

It was also used by the Greeks and Romans to protect yourself from the bad effects of alcohol.

Later, it was used a lot for thejewelry ornament.

It's also a stone very attached to the religious world and more particularly to the popes. It symbolizes the spirituality, but also abstinence from vices.

It is also called "bishops' stone" because her color is the same as their outfit and we say that she brings clarity of mind.


Until today...

We find it nowadays as ornamental stone to design many jewelry.

It is also very popular with lithotherapists who use it in the practice of their energy healing.

It will also be udoes great help to focus and relax during a meditation session.


What does the name “Amethyst” mean?

This term comes straight from the Greek amethystos

The verb méthyo means "to be drunk", here connected to the particle "a-", that means that it acts against drunkenness. It was also recognized for this during Antiquity.


Mineralogical characteristics

Amethystis a Pierre which is easily recognized thanks to its Violet colour.

Many shades exist, so you can find transparent or darker ones.

The differences in color are due to the traces of manganese, iron and titanium contained in this Quartz crystal. Its luster is glassy.


This stone belongs to the Silicate family. It has a specific gravity of 2.65 and a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.

Where can I find Amethyst?

It is a stone  semi-precious that are relatively easily found in many countries.

Small and large deposits exist everywhere. Those that are found most on the market come from India, South Africa or Brazil.


Virtues and properties in lithotherapy


On the physical level

  • Help a better relaxation of the muscles, especially those located at the shoulders and neck.
  • Fights headaches and soothes migraine.
  • In lithotherapy, it is used a lot for fight against gastric acidity and eliminate harmful elements faster (alcohol, toxins, tobacco ...)
  • Help to cure respiratory and blood problems.
  • Promotes healing.
  • Calms insomnia.
  • Keep stress away and soothes anger in children.
  • Fights skin problems such as acne, shingles or burns.

On an emotional and spiritual level

  • Facilitates mental calm. It is also widely used for reiki or meditation and is very useful for people with depression or people who tend to ask too many questions.
  • Promotes open-mindedness. Indeed, by wearing this stone the person benefits from a purification of his aura.
  • Helps in relaxation and promotes intuition and dreams. The mind being less disturbed, it is easier to pick up the messages sent by your subconscious.
  • Soothes tumultuous relationships.
  • Free from addictions (tobacco, games, drugs ...) and fears.


How to purify and recharge my Amethyst?

Like any Pierre, after giving the maximum energy that it could, it is necessary to lto purify and recharge it to enjoy its benefits again.

Purify my Amethyst

You can immerse it for several hours in slightly salted demineralized water or run it under running water.

Reloading - What to Avoid

Amethyst does not like the sun's rays, because they end up causing it to lose its pretty color and make it whiten. You will rather think of placing it under the rays of the moon to recharge it.


To go a little further ...

Astrological signs

This Pierreespecially suitable for signs of Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces.

Amethyst and the associated Chakras

This Pierre is mainly associated with sixth Charka,that of the third eye, as well as Crown Chakra.


Natural semi-precious stones 7 Chakras

But also...

Amethyst Wedding: it is the stone that is offered to celebrate the 48 years of marriage in a couple.


Here we are already at the end of this new article. We hope you enjoyed this one and perhaps gave you the answers to some questions you were asking yourself about theAmethyst.

If gray areas still persist, please leave us a little comment just below!

In the meantime, we wish you a very good week and a good visit to our site!

See you soon.


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