What is the Grenate?

Qu'est-ce que le Grenat ?

To pursue our semiprecious stone discovery, I propose this week the following article: What is the Grenate?

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Through this article, we will therefore address multiple points such as its history, itsBenefits and virtues, its different varieties and a whole bunch of other info that will help you choose your stone better.


Origin and History

Mala with beads of garnetMala Buddhist bracelet - Grenat (Série Limitée édition "Fa Guo")

Known for many years,the grenates have crossed the story.

It would seem that this story begins with Theophrasta (philosopher of ancient Greece) who had already referred to them as anthrax.

These are stones that have always been appreciated for their beauty and very often used to adorn jewelry.

In the Roman time

The grenates existed already and were called scarbows (Dark red granate).

Whether in Greece, Rome or ancient Egypt, the Grenates were cut out as faces or animals.

From a religious point of view

If we believe the Bible, Noah would have used a lantern of Grenate to direct his arch in the darkness of the Flood. As for the Qur'an, the fourth sky would be composed of scarbuncles.

The Vikings and the Grenates

They used them during funeral ceremonies. This stone was, according to them, able to guide the dead to "the Valhalla", their paradise.

In the 18th century

He thinks that European courtiers were raffolating at the grenates of Bohemia...

The principality of Hunza (North Pakistan) came under British control in 1891. The warriors then decided to shoot the British in Kashmir with bullets from grenat. Because they thought theirs were red color blood gave them a more murderous character.


What does the name “Grenate” mean?

Its name simply comes from Latin "malum granatum" meaning "grain fruit". It is indeed that his flamboyant red color Reminds the grains contained in Granada.

Another story also seems to tell that its name is due to the rounded form of the first raw stones found, which were very similar to the appearance of a grain.


Mineralogenic characteristics

The Grenate represents a family of minerals that belongs to the family of crystallizing Nesosilicates.

It is a family that is composed of multiple varieties of stones, which can be translucent or non-transparent depending on the models.

These stones have a hardness of 6–7.5 on the Mohs scale and a density of 3.5–4.3.

Tibetan craftsman mala in garnet pearls

Tibetan craftsman mala in beads of Grenat


Where to find the “Grenate”?

As we have already seen in the articles devoted to other stones, deposits are sometimes complicated to find.

The advantage with the Grenate is that the deposits are abundant. It is also found in France, on the side of the island of Groix in Brittany.

But also in India, Tanzania, Madagascar, Russia, Canada, Brazil and many other places!

These minerals are found in:

  • Magmatic rocks;
  • Pegmatites;
  • Metasomatic rocks by contact with magma;
  • Crystalline shales.


Colors and different types of Grenat

The more regularly you will find this stone in a red color.

However, there are many varieties due to the chemical composition of this mineral, including:

  • Le Grenat du Mozambique, it is the best known variety, the one that occurs under the red color, close to that of a dark ruby.
  • The Grenate of Malaya, it is only operated in East Africa and is recognizable by its intense orange color. For the small story it is a variety that has long been underestimated in the market (until 1960), hence its name meaning "outside the law".
  • The Grenate Almandin, is used to protect the house and make it more welcoming, it also helps to treat the skin.
  • Le Grenat Spessartitepresents itself in orange tones, it is used to facilitate emotion circulation and help with fertility and pregnancy.
  • The raspberry Grenate Rhodolite, it is in red tones and represents the most valuable variety that exists today on the market.
  • The Grenate Pyrope (chestnuts/reds)has the particularity of fighting depression and bringing motivation.
  • The Grenate Magenta, it is the Almandin molecules and the small chromium inclusions present in the gem that gives this coloris.
  • The Demantoid Grenate, discovered in 1855. This Grenate owes its colour or chromium and/or iron, it brings strength, stability and balance to its wearer.
  • The Grenate Tsavorite comes from Kenya and is often compared to Emeraude.
  • The changing-colored Grenate (very rare variety), you just place it in the glow of a candle to discover a color change ranging from blue-green to red-violet, or from khaki green to red-marron.

For indecisive people, the best option is still to opt for a jewel made from different varieties of Grenat, as for example this Craftsman Mala made up of 108 stones of Grenatto multiple colors.

Mala Buddhiste artisanal – 108 beads of grenat

The list is long and there are still many of them, I invite you to complete your research by reading other articles or files on the subject.

So you can make your choice based on your preferences and discover Granates of purple, brown, orange, green, yellow colors...


Vertus and properties in lithotherapy

The Grenate is considered to be a transformation stone able to outdo difficulties, intensify love passion, and improve sexual appetite.

It represents la creativity, but also vitality necessary to carry out personal and professional projects by releasing conditionings.

It is a stone that adapts to calm and laid people, it is to be discouraged from jealous or coleric people.

Mala Buddhiste artisanal in grenat

Mala Buddhiste artisanal in grenat



  • Regulate blood circulation;
  • Care for bleeding problems;
  • Brings energy;
  • Strengthen the heart;
  • Infection control (dismantoid grenate andradite)
  • Ravives sexual energy;
  • Fighting insomnia and allergies (hessonite grenate);
  • Improves fertility (spessartite grenate);
  • Relieve rheumatism and arthritis.

Psychic and psychological

  • Purify chakras;
  • Make frustrations feel better;
  • Eliminates stress (tsavorite grenate);
  • Regenerates passion (almandin grenate);
  • Helps to take a step back;
  • Develops perseverance;
  • Step away from melancholy and depression (pyrope grenate);
  • Brings joy and serenity;
  • Improves creativity.


How do I take care of my stone?

Maintain the Grenate

No matter how varied your stone is, this one must imperatively be kept away from extreme temperatures. A thermal shock could cause irreversible damage.

To clean it, just pass it under the running water regularly (once a week) and to purify it, you can plunge it into salted distilled water.

Reload the Grenate

You can do this in several ways:

  • In the sun;
  • With magnetic energy;
  • In an amethyst geode;
  • On a quartz cluster.


To go a little further...

Astrological signs

Grenate is generally associated in January and therefore to the signs of the Capricorn and Aquarius.

However, in the face of the many varieties that exist, many other signs can be attached to stone depending on the variety chosen.

What Chakra is associated with the Grenate?

As with astrological signs, different chakras can be associated with Grenat.

In its most general form, the following Chakras are attached to it:

  • Chakra Racine (1st Chakra)
  • Chakra of Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra)
  • Chakra of the heart (4th Chakra)

Practical little advice:

When choosing your Grenate, know that the more transparent this one will be, the higher its price.


I hope you'll find this article again, you can all find our jewelry made with stones of garnet simply following this link: Granat de collection.

If you want to, please tell us in comment about the variety of Grenate you prefer! And if you have a question about this particular stone, it is also with pleasure that you can ask it here.

We'll meet next week for a new article. Meanwhile, don't forget to give you moments just for yourself!

See you next Tuesday!

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