Recognizing the moonstone: what does it mean and how to use it?

Reconnaitre la pierre de lune : qu'est-ce qu'elle signifie et comment l'utiliser ?

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 Moon stone

Moon stone is a fine stone which perfectly reflects the light of the moon. It is very popular in lithotherapy for its beauty, but also for its many virtues.

She who symbolizes the dream and the unconscious is mainly characterized by its silvery reflections that immediately catch the eye.

Its benefits are especially associated with women who suffer from fertility problems or from dysregulation of menstruation. It is also widely used for allay anxieties and stimulate creativity.

It is here and now that our overview of the moon stone...


Origin and History

In the old days

It is enough to look at the history of our ancestors to understand the importance of the moonstone in the history. This stone has always generated a lot of fascination by its great resemblance to the clarity of the moon.

The moonstone was discovered by Jean-Claude Delamétherie in 1801.

Under Antiquity already it was considered an object of divination and represented the stone of the goddesses. Some even thought that by putting a moon stone in their mouth they would receive a celestial clairvoyance, a vision of their future in love.

Indian and Roman civilizationshave always thought that this stone was a natural creation due to the rays of the moon, by its color and its reflections. Moonstone is still today a sacred stone in India.

Friezes in sri lanka

Contrary to the information that can sometimes be found on the net, you should know that the moonstones that adorn the thresholds of Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka have nothing to do with the stone presented to you here. These friezes presented in semi-circles symbolize access to knowledge and nirvana.

With the emergence of Art Nouveau,we find the use of moonstone for making decorative objects. Likewise, René Lalique was inspired by the time of nature to design jewelry that would become very fashionable. Lalique also still manufactures jewelry with this stone.

In the 2000s,this stone was officially declared by the State of Florida, paying homage to the first step on the moon in 1969.

Until today...

Still widely used today, you can find the moon stone in many forms of jewelry : cabochons, bracelets, necklaces, pendants ... But also, through decorative objects.

Moonstone Bracelet with Tree of Life Charm

Moonstone Bracelet with Tree of Life Charm

What does his name mean?

The origin of the name moonstone comes from 2 names: "kanta" which means "loved" and "sanskrit chandra" which means "moon". The two names together form "loved by the moon", which refers directly to its resemblance to this celestial body, its mythical origin.


Mineralogical properties of moonstone

Moonstone is a mineralbelonging tothe class of silicates and at theadular family (group of Feldspars).

Colorless,it is recognized in particular by its bluish / white / yellow reflections due to its crystalline structure. The resulting optical effect is called Adularescence, this represents the sliding effect of the reflection on the surface of the stone, when changing the angle of view.

The moonstone has a hardness 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale and a density between 2.53 and 2.6.


Where to find the moonstone?

Moonstone deposits

The most exploited deposits are relatively isolated and are found in Sri Lanka and India. It can also be found in other countries such as Madagascar, Burma, Tanzania, the United States, Brazil, Australia ...


Virtues and properties in lithotherapy

When you wear it on yourself, this stone brings many benefits both physical and spiritual. Let's discover these main virtues together.

On the physical level

  • Relieves infertility disorders (stimulates fertility), menstrual disorders and those of menopause.
  • Promotes lactation (breastfeeding).
  • Reduces acne and skin problems (balances the hormonal system).
  • Regulates the functioning of the thyroid.
  • Regulates toxins.
  • Fight against water retention.
  • Soothes itching due to insect bites.
  • Improves digestive disorders which are related to stress.
  • Overcomes sexual problems and promotes marital happiness.
  • Fight against sleepwalking.

On an emotional and spiritual level

  • Help in decision making.
  • Consolidate love bonds.
  • Calms mood swings and hyper-activity.
  • Develop intuition, creativity and imagination.
  • Soothes stress, calms anxieties and fears and brings serenity.
  • Promotes open-mindedness and relationships with others.


How to maintain this stone?

To keep all its beauty and especially all these virtues, it is essential to maintain your stone well.


You can place it under demineralized water, spring water or running water. Moonstone does not like salt, so there is no need to salt the water used for its purification.


Place your stone for several hours in the light of the moon, it's even better if it's a full moon night!


To go a little further ...

Astrological signs

In astrology, moonstone is mainly associated with the sign of Cancer (it is the moon that governs this sign), but also Capricorn, Gemini and Aquarius.

The moonstone and the associated Chakra

This mineral is related to Sacred Chakra (second chakra), called Svadhisthana in Sanskrit.

But also...

Attached to the number 13, the moonstone bringsappeasement to people afraid of this figure.It makes an excellent gift idea to celebrate the 13 years of marriage within a couple (thrush wedding).


This is how this new article ends. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and the information we wanted to share with you.

If, however, you need additional information or if you wish to provide certain clarifications, we will be happy to hear your comments.

In the meantime, we wish you a very good week and we are already looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday to explorea new semi-precious stone!

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Je suis à Allada au Bénin, où trouver cette pierre et à quel prix ?

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Je suis au Cameroun à Yaoundé, où trouver la pierre de lune et à quel prix ?



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Dans votre article sur la pierre de lune, vous ne parlez que peu de ses propriétés envers les hommes, ce serait intéressant d’en savoir plus.
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