Where is the Chakra of the heart and how to balance it?

Où est le Chakra du coeur et comment l'équilibrer?

We meet on Tuesday for a new article dedicated to Chakra of the heart.

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If you want to know what the Chakra of the heart, how to spot its malfunctions and how to rebalance it, stay with us!

To begin this article, it is important to know that the Chakra of the heart is one that relates to love, to your relationship with the other. This is the 4th Chakra, it is also calledAnahata in Sanskrit and it is attached to the green colour.

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But who is the Chakra of the heart?

It is the Chakra that gives you the ability to love, to give and to accept. It not only allows you to let you go to your "I deep"to love yourself and ofdevelop your ability to love the other and receive his love in return.



Discovery of the Heart Chakra on Craftsman of Asia

Metal:copper -Mantra:YAM -Element:air -Colour:green -Musical note:FA  - Physical meaning:touch -Symbol:the 12-petal lotus.

Energy body:astral body.

Function: union through love.

Endocrine gland: the thymus.

Body parts:the respiratory system, the heart, the bloodstream, the nervous system, the lower part of the lungs and the upper part of the chest and back cage.


Where is the Heart Chakra?

Where is the chakra of the heart?

Anahata is located right in the middle of the chest, on the sternum, which is why it is considered to be the chakra which receives the energies of the other 6 and transforms them to reach unconditional love:

  • The lower 3 chakras (root chakra, sacred chakra and solar plexus chakra) - psycho-emotional energies.
  • The 3 upper chakras (the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra) - mental and spiritual energies.


How do you feel when this Chakra is balanced?

When 4th Chakra is open and energy circulates well, you are able to receive and give love in return, you have harmonious relations with your entourage and you you feel perfectly in your place.

When it is perfectly balanced, here is what you are able to feel:

  • Respect and self-esteem and of others;
  • Your actions are decided with wisdom, compassion and sincerity;
  • Mental stability;
  • Balance between physics and psychics;
  • Joy of life and enthusiasm in every trial (inner peace);
  • Acceptance of change (see only the positive sides of things);
  • Openness and friendly contacts with others.

On the contrary, if you find yourself colder, more distant, less friendly than usual and that vo tend to choke your spouse with your love it is that we must work on this Chakra so that everything is in order.


Heart Chakra malfunctions

Heart chakra malfunctions

How to detect them?

If the Chakra of the heart is blocked, you will notice some type changes very quickly:

  • You become more demanding, critical and possessive;
  • You are in a changing mood;
  • You fall into depression, even paranoia;
  • You feel dependent on the love of others, you need to be reassured all the time;
  • You cling to material goods;
  • You suffer from hypertension, asthma, chest, heart or lung pain.

If Anahata is too open:

You can quickly fall into extremes via an unlimited love for other one, too much self-giving...

You can fall into egocentrism and narcissism.

You then give to others for the sole purpose of receiving so much in return, which may lead you to live relationships that are too passionate or even devastating.

In terms of health, this can be felt by the appearance of cardiac problems and some blood circulation disorders.

On the contrary, if Anatha is too closed:

You then become dependent on others, you feel sad and depressed. It is much harder for you to show your love of fear of feeling the rejection of others and you lock yourself in.

To protect yourself from all this, you prefer to flee the company of your loved ones and lock you in professional, intellectual or sporting activities by practicing them intensively.

You can then reflect an image of someone cold, possessive, meditating and unstable and feel on the physical plane of heart, blood circulation or respiratory problems.

What are the possible causes?

When the Chakra Anahata is deregulated, it can come from several things:

  • Taking soft or hard drugs;
  • The fear of reliving a suffering (mental or sentimental) already experienced in the past;
  • The loss of a loved one:
  • You do not accept yourself as you are;
  • You keep your feelings and thoughts to yourself without ever daring to assert yourself;
  • You lack an open mind;
  • You live only for others and rarely think of you;
  • You don't dream anymore, you think happiness is inaccessible...


How to rebalance the ChakraAnahata ?

If this Chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you should stimulate it in order to keep it open. For this, different solutions exist:

  • Use and wear stones that are associated with the Chakra of the heart : tourmaline, jade, emerald, amazonite, malachite and adventurine...
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  • Meditate, sit down and position your right hand in the middle of the chest singing YAM.
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  • Teach in better expression of feelingsto open up to others.
  • Listen to warm music with instruments such as the guitar, the cello, the violin, the singing of birds or the sound of a river.
  • Choose activities that are really close to your heart (stroll in the middle of nature, moments shared with animals...).
  • Re-appropriating your dreamsto say that nothing is impossible.
  • Do not judge the actions of others and not project its own reflection on the other.
  • Perform some Yoga postures such as warrior, candle, fish, cobra, camel and other positions that allow you to open the chest.



Here we are at the end of this new article, you must now know where the Heart Chakra is located, how to detect dysfunctions and especially how to rebalance it if it is underactive or hyperactive.

If you have any advice, more information to bring on this topic, please leave us a comment just below the article!

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See you next week for an article dedicated to the discovery of a semi-precious stone and to discover the next Chakra: the Chakra of the Gorge,it'll be in two or three weeks.

Happy week to you and good recovery if it's the end of the holiday!

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Merci pour ce très bel article, non seulement bien composé, bien écris bien mis en page mais surtout qui va à l’essentiel simplement, qui nous informe sans nous culpabiliser.
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February 20, 2020

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February 20, 2020

Comment obtenir un bijoutier rééquilibrant les chantas du coeur ? Merci de votre réponse

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Claudette Savard

December 01, 2018

Merci pour ces beaux textes que vous nous envoyez sur les cristaux…depuis longtemps que je travaille avec les cristaux et j’adore ça, connaitre toutes les propriétés de chacun. J’adore leurs effets énergétiques, leurs couleurs…leurs bienfaits. MERCI !

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