How to choose your Buddhist bracelet?

Comment choisir son bracelet bouddhiste ?

The buddhist bracelet Its primary function is to help count mantras, to accompany meditation and prayer, but it is also an ornament much appreciated for its aesthetic qualities. It's important to choose the right buddh braceletist to suit our personality. It is enough to be based on very simple rules.

choose your buddhist bracelet

What is the Buddhist bracelet

The buddhist bracelet, sometimes called tibetan bracelet, comes from India and its origin is said to date back 3000 years. It is therefore an important traditional object in Asian customs. It carries many symbolic meanings. The custom of wearing it on the wrist has been adopted by Buddhists and Hindus. Tibetans have also become accustomed to wearing this type of bracelet on the wrist.

As the object was pleasing to the eye, it crossed borders and was adopted everywhere for its aesthetic character. It began to be worn in other Asian countries before reaching the West. It was used to accompany meditation and prayer, more precisely to count the number of mantras. Mantras are sacred phrases or syllables repeated to produce spiritual effect and positive energy.

Over time, other qualities and functions have been attributed to the Buddhist bracelet. It is now used in lithotherapy, in yoga and with many techniques of personal development. Lithotherapy, among others, suggests that stones have special powers and that their magnetism has a positive influence on the body and mind. Beads also have beneficial effects and bracelets are made with these effects in mind.

The Buddhist bracelet can be considered a lucky charm that is good to wear on you as often as possible. If it accompanies meditation, it is a great help in learning to develop patience and concentration. It allows you to refocus when everyday problems take up too much space.

Trust your intuition

Buddhist bracelets have different meanings depending on the materials and color. It is also convenient to know what mantra you want recite when you choose your bracelet. However, it is recommended that you open your mind and trust your intuition in choosing the right object for you. You can instinctively discover which bracelet is right for you.

Legend even says that the bracelet chooses the right person for it. Either way, a special connection is created between the object and its owner. No matter how many beads there are, you will feel the bracelet is right for you. Of course, the aesthetic effect plays a key role. It can be well colored or more sober. Thus, each personality finds its reflection.

Choose according to its use

Choosing a Buddhist bracelet depends on what you plan to use it for. If this is just an ornament, it will be chosen solely on the basis of its appearance. But the object can also be used in different circumstances. The choice will then be made on the basis of different criteria. It can for example be acquired for don't forget a goal that you have set for yourself, or to remember an important task.

Semi-precious stones, for example, can have an effect on the body. To calm his mind, it is recognized that wearing a tiger eye bracelet is a good idea. Tiger eye beads remove negative thoughts and energies. They go very well with meditation sessions. This stone is brown in color, but its hues vary depending on the degree of exposure to light.

The tiger eye bead bracelet

A tiger eye bead bracelet can be worn with any outfit. In addition to accompanying meditation, it is a fashion accessory appreciated as much in Asia as in the West. Tiger eye is also used in lithotherapy. Even the Dalai Lama adopted it to accompany his recitations. Its bright color oscillates between yellow and brown, with hints of orange. This shade gives it a fascinating cat's eye effect.

Some of the qualities attributed to tiger eye include that it promotes empathy and helps build self-confidence. It also reduces stress and anxiety. It is also known to unleash the creativity of the person wearing the bracelet. It helps to make informed decisions. On a physical level, the tiger eye bracelet can help treat joint problems and asthma. It also helps relieve high blood pressure.

The obsidian bracelet

buddhist bracelet

An obsidian and blue sand stone is also one of the objects most often chosen as much for its appearance as for its qualities. It also stimulates creativity and improves the immune system. Obsidian has been used since the earliest times. Above all, it is a very effective protective stone against any type of negative energy. Vulnerable people have every interest in choosing this type of Buddhist bracelet.

The obsidian bracelet is a great help in finding inner peace. It is often adopted by people who have had painful experiences.

The garnet stone bracelet

The garnet stone bracelet is also an excellent choice. Garnet stone was already carved in ancient Egypt. It is traditionally associated with mysticism. The name is derived from the pomegranate, a red fruit of which it has the color, associated with blood and the stream of life. This type of Buddhist bracelet is designed to go forward with any project. It helps to overcome the obstacles.

Wood is another noble material often used in the making of Buddhist bracelets. In addition to having beneficial effects, bracelets made from wood come in colors that match most outfits.

Wooden bracelets

The wood is a soft materialwhich has soothing virtues. It helps the person wearing the bracelet to refocus on the present moment and keep negative and superfluous thoughts away. It is often chosen by people who practice yoga.

Among the types of wood, we should mention sandalwood, which is often found in Buddhist bracelets. A sandalwood bracelet has soothing properties. It is also credited with anti-inflammatory effects and restores energy.

The wenge wood, originally from Africa, is also one of the materials used to make Buddhist necklaces. It is a wood with great resistance. After being cut, it turns from orange to brown over time. It is associated with pride, honor and work.

As to oud wood, also called agarwood, it is mostly found in Southeast Asia. Its dark resin has a strong odor. Its medicinal properties have been recognized for thousands of years. This wood also has relaxing virtues and it helps fight anxiety. It is known to suppress negative energies. Wearing an oudwood bracelet helps to find inner harmony.


The color of the Buddhist bracelet may influence your choice. Depending on your personality, the colors reflect who you are and the same is true when it comes to choosing a bracelet. Colors have symbolic functions in Buddhism and knowing them can help make the best choice possible.

The White

White, among others, is a color often found in Buddhist bracelets. As in many cultures, it represents purity. It is also associated with emancipation. Buddhism makes white the color of the Great Sun. A white elephant seen in a dream would have announced the birth of the Buddha.


Blue is also very important in Buddhism. A Buddhist bracelet made with blue beads symbolizes purity and tranquility, but also healing. Blue is linked above all to wisdom. There are, however, some shades between dark blue and light blue.

Light blue is often represented by turquoise. This color represents anything that has no limit. He carries the wisdom of the earth and the sky. It also represents the duality of life and death. As for dark blue, it is mainly related to what is pure and exceptional. Dark blue is often present in healing bracelets.


Yellow, for its part, represents the Emptiness. A Buddhist bracelet with the yellow colour is inclined towards humility and renunciation. It represents the renunciation of ambient materialism. Meditation with a Buddhist bracelet would help to move from pride to wisdom.


Red is also of great importance in Buddhist symbolism. It represents Wisdom and dignity. It is also associated with luck. The Buddhist necklace with red can be considered a lucky charm. Red is also linked to force and fire. This force contains a power of destruction that must be mastered to attain wisdom.

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