How and why open up his chakras?

Comment et pourquoi ouvrir ses chakras ?

Indicators of physical and mental health, chakras play an important role in the well-being of an individual. Several types of meditation are also devoted to them. You have heard of opening chakras, unlocking them or purifying them? The meditation followers have been advocating his techniques for years because of the success they have generated. If one only cites the establishment of balance, the strength to face the different trials of life and above all the achievement of universal wisdom.

What is chakras?

Before the explanation of any design, first see what the chakra is, what is its origin? Chakra means a "disk" or "wheel" in Sanskrit. The term is borrowed by Kundalini Yoga to describe the “spiritual centres” or the “points of junction of energy channels”. There are 7 main chakras and thousands of secondary chakras in the body.

Chakras are often linked to vibration, a word you will always hear in different meditation practices. All human organs have a frequency, also called vibration, that is its own. And since each chakra is connected to a particular organ, the opening or unlocking of its energy centers will therefore require the study of these vibrations.

When to open his chakras?

This step is essential to give your body the strength and balance it needs to cope with everyday life. The body is made up of chakras, more commonly known as energy centers. The latter install a passage between the physical body and the energy body, thus promoting the exchange of energy, liberation and deep joy. It should be noted that our chakras are generally disturbed by our minds when they experience the daily stress or concern of an uncertain future. Fear is also a great source of blocking chakras. It may be fear of others, the unknown or death.

Moreover, these disturbances may come from our physical situation. They are caused by neglected diet, lack of physical exercise, or sleep disorders. In the face of these situations, opening up its chakras allows the body to provide the necessary energy it needs.

Guide to open each of your chakras

As each point is different, each chakra requires a release technique that is its own. Depending on your needs, you can open a single chakra or unlock all your chakras.

The first is the Chakra Racine, which represents strength and individuality. It is advisable to open it first and foremost. A simple technique, start by imagining a transparent, red-colored ball floating inside you, close to your spine. This is the root chakra. Set the ball, and see if it has some dark parts. If so, they then indicate energy imbalances. Now look for the white light. Inhale a good breath while driving the white light toward the ball. Hold your breath, then blow while rejecting the impurities you found in the ball.

The second is the sacred Chakra which relates to physical desires. During this second exercise, focus on your navel the time to see an orange-colored glass ball. This floating object symbolizes the regulator of your urges. Inhale a good shot, orient the white light toward the ball, then gently expire until the shadow areas are driven out.

The third is the Chakra of the Solar Plexus, he evokes power. Following the same technique as the previous two, combine your focus on the area behind your navel. Look for a light yellow ball. As bright as a tiny sun, it will represent the estimate of your ability. The dark areas replace the shadow zones here, expel them too!

Then, the Chakra of the heart that brings back to the energy of loveAt your chest, discover a green glass bullet. Get rid of these shade areas by always starting the technique of breathing and expulsion. Breathe deep until the green ball is completely transparent.

The fifth is the Chakra of the throatIts role is to ensure the fluidity of your communications. You will find the ball in the throat, more specifically, on the part of Adam’s apple. It's blue-clair. Clean the spotted or dark areas with a large deep breath, then stop when the ball is completely transparent.

The sixth and foremost is the third eye Chakra, that is where our intuition is placed. Here, centralize your attention in the middle of both your eyes. Imagine a ball, oval or round. Concentrate to see her color. She associates shades of dark blue, white, and purple. The more you breathe, the clearer you will see. Continue until you see an eyelid. Meanwhile, always use white light to have a clear representation. You will then see the third eye, it can be opened or closed. In the last case, tell him to open up, he will send you some affectionate messages.

The seventh of the main chakras is the crown ChakraIt represents universal wisdom. Put your thoughts together inside the top of your head. This step will guide you to supreme wisdom. You'll see a glass ball in purple color. Breathe deep and then sweep the ball with the white light. Stop only when the ball becomes white. Continue your breathing, then to finish, bless your God for giving you love and wisdom.

Some tips to be more effective

Here are some tricks that can make a difference. First, for this practice, prefer the lifted position. The ideal is to have bare feet to be in direct contact with the ground. The best is to realize its meditation, feet in water, sand, greenery or earth. It is also advisable to stand, with the back tight. Others flex their legs a little to concentrate their weight on them. This latest technique requires more exercises, but it is very effective.

You know how to open your chakras now. If you have tested these techniques, please feel free to share it with us in comment and if it worked for you. :)

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